Clough statue designs unveiled..

A trip to the Council House in Nottingham this week will give you a chance to see the three shortlisted designs put forward for the long-awaited statue of Brian Clough in the city centre.  For those of you unable to make it down there this week, then you can view the miniatures online by clicking here.

It’s reassuring that all three designs resemble the great man, and are in poses that you’d associate with him.  For me, the ‘weakest link’ is the design by John McKenna – whilst I like the idea of the Forest Tree being integral to the design, the image of Clough himself doesn’t quite hit the mark for me compared to the other two designs.  If the choice were mine, then the statue of Clough with his clasped hands aloft by Les Johnson would be my selection – although I like the pointing statue too!

The actual decision rests with a committee formed by a combination of the Clough family, an art expert as well as the statue fund committee.  Feedback both from visitors to the Council House and from the Brian Clough tribute site will be passed on to those making the decisions, too – so public opinion will play a part in the decision.

Personally I’m tremendously excited that the project is starting to “become real” – it’s very easy now to start to imagine the finished sculpture finally in place in the city, it can’t come too soon for me!  As I’ve said before, huge congratulations to those folks who’ve worked so hard to make this project work – another huge step has been taken to getting the statue in place!

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  1. I think the statue in Middlesborough is excellent and captures Cloughie exactly as they remember him, in the prime of his playing days. No disrespect to the sculptors for these desigs but I don’t really think that any of them look much like Cloughie – except perhaps the bust by Les Johnson.

    I’d like to see a Clough statue with him in his management prime, shouting instructions from the touchline, or even better, giving the thumbs up to the Trent End as we used to crave. Or perhaps even the 2 finger salute we used to get when we swore? as featured on the front of Provided You Don’t kiss me!

    I know Cloughie put Nottingham on the map but I think it would be better situated at the City Ground rather than in town.

    As you say, some people have worked extremely hard to make this happen so it is important to get it right.

  2. I agree with Aylesbury Red. I don’t like any of them. I don’t think any capture the great man correctly. The one in Middlesborough is great but no good for us. That one captures him as his was then as player. We will remember him differently but not with any of these offerings.

  3. I’ve been quite surprised with the underwhelmed response people seem to have had, well, perhaps a bit surprised.

    Don’t forget the miniatures (featured in the picture on here) won’t resemble him facially as well as the busts the artists also submitted.

    I really liked the bust that Les Johnson submitted, and I also really like the positive nature of the pose he’s captured Clough in… I do have reservations about the other two, particularly John McKenna’s statue which is in a rather unfortunate pose, and his bust is the weakest of the three facially.

  4. Having a statue of “Clough shouting instructions from the touchline” would look really strange when you consider it’ll be standing alone in a park. The rJohnson version, arms raised triumphantly, would look the best as a standing statue.

  5. I’d like to see one of him circa late 70’s – young & fresh faced. Also how about one at the City Ground of him & Taylor from around this period ?

  6. Where’s the hands clapsed above his head pose from? Is it from one of the Littlewoods cup triumphs at Wembley? Surely its not from his last game against Sheffield Utd? That would be entirely inappropriate. I too would prefer the statue to be a pose from the european cup winning days.

  7. Facially all 3 are very poor. But I do like the poses of both Les and Keith’s. John Mckenna’s looks it’s been done by an amateur.
    Disappointing all round really.

  8. Bear in mind the miniatures are not supposed to be so much of a likeness, that’s what the busts are for. The miniature statues are to show the pose…

    I had a chance to pop into the council house today, and up close Les Johnson’s bust is a very good likeness indeed, and I like his pose best too.

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