The secret life of today’s referee…

A considerable amount of research, involving all manner of clever internet searches, a hastily-hired private investigator and a slice of luck* has unearthed the ‘day job’ of today’s referee, Anthony Taylor – and I don’t think it will come as a massive surprise, given how he is clearly working on a fusion of his day job and the art of football refereeing, judging by his performance at the City Ground this afternoon.

* by these research methods, I of course meant a fairly quick Google image search for a picture (which was hastily used, with no adornment at all in the match report!), and some very amateurish Photoshopping.  The effect is quite sinister, being a clown it should be, but not that sinister!

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  1. I see him a lot more darker and sinister than this NFFC, in fact more akin to Papa Lazarou.

    I can just envisage him running down the the pitch screaming “You’re myyyyyyyy captain now, Breckin!”

  2. I wish I had thought of Papa Lazarou… but I guess turning a referee into effectively, a pikey black and white minstrel, might raise a few politically correct eyebrows!

  3. Anybody seen Andy Richie’s (Huddersfield Manager) comment in the NEP ‘definately a penalty’

    Should have gone to Specsavers !!

  4. I;ve seen it on TV URED and now have reviewed the incident on Virgin Media (in slo-mo) and its NOT a penalty! Wilson and the Town player hardly come together. so to see the cheating twat rolling around on the floor holding his back in agony is pathetic! Still PieBoy did get us some retribution later……:-)

    It was an appalling decision BUT I dont expect the decision to be overturned on appeal. If the Appeals Panel only get to see the viewing angle we do, then I feel sure they will go with the ref’s shite decision.

  5. Yes, the appeal has been rejected! Quelle surprise….!!

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  7. […] I noticed was the referee, Anthony Taylor.  I’ve had some very cross words about him before (here and here), so let’s hope that in the intervening years he’s learned a little more about […]

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