Resolutions for 2008…

After yesterday’s grump-fest I’ve decided to think positive, and given that the dawning of a New Year is upon us, as is the tradition, I have formulated some resolutions.  Of course, they aren’t for me – they’re for Smoulderwood, for having constructed an amusing nickname for him, I’m loathe to have to keep calling into question is tactical ability, so I am offering him salvation.  Should you have any resolutions you would like to include, then please do so via the comments!

I believe that resolution 4 will be the product of resolutions 1, 2 and 3 – I really do think that our tenure in the third tier is that simple.  That said, number 2 in particular is a rather esoteric one, and whilst I freely acknowledge this – I don’t think it unreasonable that we expect our manager to be able to do this.  Motivation, belief, getting more out of players than even they thought possible, these are all hallmarks of a successful manager.  So get to it, Smoulds!

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  1. How about “I will try not play with a lone striker up front at home” (unless I’ve only got just the one available fo course, which may be sooner than you think…)

  2. NFFC- Since I have not been to the City Ground this year I need you or anyone else to help me answer a couple of questions that have reared their ugly head recently:

    1. Aaron Davies. What is going on there. Has he been shit this year or has he done something to piss off CC especially with his recent omission from the Gills game?
    2. Matt Lockwood. How has he played this year. Is he still playing himself back to fitness or does CC not fancy him too?
    3. What is our best midfield. Is Cohen not a centre midfielder, should Clingan play instead of Lennon in centre mid or both play,is McGughan too naieve, and do not get me started on Holt on the right wing etc etc?

    Will someone please enlighten me!

  3. N.Ireland…
    1. If I’m being fiar, CC is probably trying to nurse him back to fitness and form, as he did with Tyson… If I’m being a tad harsh, CC doesn’t fancy him because he’s not a grafter…
    2. Again, I think being nursed back to fitness, but his performances haven’t helped his cause.
    3. i don’t think even Cohen himself knows his best postition. But to be fair, he has played well wherever we have played him. Agree with you on Holt though, he should never ever be asked to play anywhere but up front.

  4. I think Congo Red has it about right…

    Davies is certainly an impact player, and had a while out the side – that said, if he were fit to play at the weekend he should AT LEAST have been on the bench, particularly if Smoulds sticks to his godforsaken ‘433/451’ nonsense.

    Lockwood had a poor first home game, although wasn’t so bad in his next one – so again, why you’d put him on the bench and put the – whilst excellent – Wilson hideously out of position, well, who knows?

    With Davies and Lockwood there could be issues of fitness and/or slight injuries that we’re not aware of too.

    Cohen is definitely a central midfielder for me, and attacking one. We’ve seen him at his best getting forward to support the strikers, playing cracking throughballs, and on a couple of occasions he’s been unlucky not to score. He could potentially play on the left, but I don’t think he has the pace/trickery for it – so central for me. We seem more stable when Lenny plays, so his omission at Gillingham was also strange – that said, I really rate Clingan too – so that’s an interesting dilemma for the manager and is possibly why he often ‘bottles it’ in midfield and plays all of them, and one striker – doesn’t explain Holt’s ‘conversion’ to a right winger though.

    McGugan is naive at times, but he’s also an impact player – when he learns when to stop the tricks (ie, leave it to one or two rather than three or four), and when best to pass/shoot he’ll be even more tremendous – he’s not that far off the mark now. I’d be very surprised if we don’t have an offer or two for him in January, which I hope we turn down.

  5. I think all the above is fair comment.

    Im not sure about Commons and Davies together as both tend to be, in my opinion, “flair” players and not hard enough grafters when they havent got the ball and so Im never convinced you can play two players of this type in the same team.

    Smoulders often rabbits on, in his post match interviews on Radio Nottingham, about decision making from his midfield players and I do believe he’s spot on with this. Too many times, we have been going forward at pace and the final pass is the wrong one.

    I believe, we can pass ANY team, in this Godforsaken league, off the park but we do need to keep it a lot simpler. Choosing the right pass is one learnt only by experience and that takes time. And time, because we are so desperate to get promoted, is one luxury we dont have.

  6. Greatly appreciated. Fellow supporters insight is far more useful than reading match reports that at best tell you very little about player performance, aside from yours NFFC!.

    From what you have all said then really are best midfield is:lw: Commons cmd: Cohen, Lennon rw: Clingan.

    Now please do not jump down my throat at Clingan playing right wing as probably playing Davies and Commons in the same midfield is possibly not work man like enough in CC eyes, so Davies could come on to replace either Commons or Clingan depending on effort and performance, or remove Lenny with 20mins (age) to go so Clingan would take up Lenny’s role. Then McGugan could replace Cohen, as I do not reckon both could play together in midfield as they do not have it in them to play the anchor role. Does anyone think McGugan could play a wide role and drift in, along the lines of Ljunberg did so well for Arsenal as he has shown this year he has got an improving eye for goal.

    Let me know what you think my esteemed colleagues!

  7. N.Ireland
    Commo, Clingan, Cohen and Lennon would be my preferred midfield. Youth, experience, pace and skill. In fact, our best run of the season so far has been when that foursome played in front of wilson and wes. Are you listening, Colin…?
    Although he tore us to shreds last season, I don’t think Davies justifies a starting place just yet. Of course, that leaves Perch (who would get in most teams starting 11 in this division) and the ever improving McGugan. I’m sure he will be chuffed that you mention him in the same company as Lundberg by the way!
    The formula for success is quite simple in my view; four four two, drop Breckin for wes.

    I’m off to grab some sleep now, ready for a big night tonight and a season defining afternoon tomorrow.
    Happy New Year to all

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