Resolutions for 2008…

After yesterday’s grump-fest I’ve decided to think positive, and given that the dawning of a New Year is upon us, as is the tradition, I have formulated some resolutions.  Of course, they aren’t for me – they’re for Smoulderwood, for having constructed an amusing nickname for him, I’m loathe to have to keep calling into question is tactical ability, so I am offering him salvation.  Should you have any resolutions you would like to include, then please do so via the comments!

I believe that resolution 4 will be the product of resolutions 1, 2 and 3 – I really do think that our tenure in the third tier is that simple.  That said, number 2 in particular is a rather esoteric one, and whilst I freely acknowledge this – I don’t think it unreasonable that we expect our manager to be able to do this.  Motivation, belief, getting more out of players than even they thought possible, these are all hallmarks of a successful manager.  So get to it, Smoulds!