A fairytale of Nottingham

Boredom on Christmas Eve is a terrible thing, but since I’ve got a head full of cold I’ve opted for a quiet night in to stave off the germs and hopefully be fit for tomorrow – and you all know what a bored blogger makes… it makes a facile Christmas message, a slightly grumpy one, given that we’re top of the league, but it’s a heartless hatchet-job on my favourite (I say favourite, it’s the only one I like!) “Christmas song.”

It was Christmas Eve here
At City Ground
An old man said to me, won’t see us up this year
And then he sang a song
The rare old terrace tune
I turned my face away
And prayed it’s not true

I’ve been a lucky one
Seen us lose less than we’ve won
I’ve got a feeling
This year’s for me and you
So happy christmas
The Reds must do it
I can see a better time
Where all our dreams come true

They’ve got cars, think they’re stars
They’ve got egos of gold
But attacks sweep right through them
Leaving us sitting cold
When I first took my place
On a cold plastic seat
They promised me
Glory was waiting for me

P’raps not handsome
Played it pretty
The true pride of the City
When Europe was conquered
We called out for more
Sir Cloughie was swinging
All the fans they were singing
We danced by the Lions
And then drank through the night!

The boys in the Trent End terrace all
Were singing for the Reds
And the bells were ringing out
For Cloughie’s men

Now they’re bums
Or just punks
Get so close, then they flunk
Playing there in League One making faces turn red
We may fit right in it
But this league is just so shit
Get yourselves off your arses
And drag us back up

The boys in the Trent End terrace all
Were singing for the Reds
And the bells were ringing out
For Cloughie’s men

You could yet be someone
And so could anyone, but
You take my dreams from me
When you collapse so
I keep them with me Reds
And I’m not the only one
Don’t dream this on my own
We’ve built our dreams around you!

So a very Merry Christmas to you all, I hope that santa is kind to you all – most importantly in granting us a few points on the pitch.  Oldham Athletic up next on Boxing Day – having made the trip up there on New Years Day 2007, I vowed not to go back there!  So I’ve stuck to that sole new year’s resolution, and will be radio-bound on wednesday – let’s hope the Christmas cheer lasts beyond tomorrow for us!