Bolton after Commons and Tyson, and more dodgy Lennon rumours!

There’s worrying whisperings all over the place, and it’s uncertain how reliable they are.  The old ‘Commons and Tyson to Bolton’ discussions are happening on the messageboards, with one person suggesting from the ever-reliable ‘source’ that even given the lure of Premiership football, Commons never wants to work for Megson again.  Tyson is thought to be more ambivalent.  Just rumours, though – I’m not endorsing them per say.

When I think about it, it might not just be journalistic laziness on the part of the papers – Megson’s Forest sides seldom didn’t include Commons or Tyson when they were available, but that doesn’t really follow the logic that they’re therefore both top flight standard players.  Although perhaps Meggo is preparing for the inevitable relegation he inflicts upon Bolton!

There are other rumours doing the rounds about Neil Lennon and the current vacancy at Hibs.  Not helped by this rather poor effort in the Sunday Mirror (thanks, Michael!).  It’s the old “Lenny has fallen out with Smoulds ‘cos he’s hardly been in the side since his family problems” nonsense again, although with linking him to the managerial post at Hibernian.

Now, since his disappearing act, we’ve enjoyed great performances from Clingan, Cohen and McGugan – I’m sure a man of Neil’s experience wouldn’t be expecting to, having missed a chunk of training, just waltz back into the side.  As a suspension kicks in, Lenny finds himself in the side – and I thought he had a decent game too – I’m not convinced at this whole rift thing that people seem so keen to construct.

The other thing that Smoulds made mention to in his post-match interview, that if he really was in such a rebellious mood – it would seem strange that he’s been applying himself solidly in training, putting effort into reserve games, and generally – let’s face it – acting like a professional footballer should act, in working hard to earn his place back in the team.

I can’t say for sure whether or not he’s applied for a managerial job at Hibernian.  I imagine coaching and management is pretty high on Lenny’s future plans, and if opportunities arose then I wouldn’t necessarily begrudge him taking an interest.  I’d be disappointed to lose him before the end of the season though, he’s not only a valuable commodity in himself, but invaluable in the experience he can pass on to our younger midfielders.

To return to the original rumours, given Agogo’s involvement in the African Nations in January/February – needless to say I am saying that selling Tyson would be a monumental mistake.  If the rumoured offers of £2.5m are true, then that’s a very good price, but that’s worth nothing if we can’t acquire a suitable replacement – which has proven difficult in the extreme.