Just another case of history repeating itself…

I spotted this on the LTLF forum, and it’s interesting.  In the context of disappointing results and performances, Smoulds is always ready to talk of learning from past mistakes – and fair play to him, that’s the right attitude – but someone on the forum has spotted that perhaps talk is cheap if this isn’t followed up with action.  Let me illustrate what I mean by this:

That doesn’t look like learning much, does it?  What makes this all the more eyebrow-raising is the post-match comments from both games.  In October, Smoulds was angry with the performance, in December he was – not entirely dissimilarly – angered by defeat.  It is a veritable groundhog day of things, made all the more frustrating when both fixtures were against the same team, at the same ground within a matter of weeks.

Now it’s true that any message board you care to name will be full of anti-Smoulderwood vitriol after pretty much every poor result, but this does provide interesting food for thought.  I’m not, and hope I never will be, the kind of supporter who is so reactionary that I will happily forget about a great performance against Crewe, a well won win at Brighton, in order to take delight in a disappointing performance and result – but it is worrying that Forest succumb so easily to these Jekyll and Hyde performances.

I am pleased that Smoulders is angry, just as I was after the league game against the Hatters – but it does demonstrate quite starkly that he wasn’t able to put his finger on what it would take to get a result there.  Tinkering with a winning team (notwithstanding the forced change due to Sammy’s suspension) is always risky – but it sounds like his tactics were quite far off the mark last night.

On balance I’m still supportive of Smoulderwood, but it does ring alarm bells when he speaks of learning from mistakes, but demonstrates against a team he’s not long met that he has done no such thing.  He certainly talks a good game, but in selections, tactics and subsequent performances and results, he seems to have dropped a few too many bollocks for my liking.

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  1. For my sins I was there last night, and perhaps as penance for some bad deed committed in a previous life I was also there in October, although I should say that was on the 27th, so I’m not sure what Zigga Zagga is referring to…

    Aaaanyway as I had to put myself through this purgatory twice I’d like to say they 2 different kinds of shit performance.

    In the first game we just didn’t show up and couldn’t get the ball… utter crap we were throughout, Luton weren’t much better, just more physical.

    Last night we were winning the ball in midfield playing it around in triangles 2 or 3 times and then hoofing nowhere to no one, under pressure from Luton’s hungry (they haven’t been paid for a while) players. I suggest we don’t pay our players for a few weeks to elicit the same kind of performance.

    It should be noted that Smith was magnificent despite his consistently woeful distribution.

    When they scored, the heads went down. No one wanted it. Sad.

    Fair play to the Luton fans for their song “Shit ground and we’re one nil up” to the tune of Go West.

  2. Great article, I really hope Calderwood does well and gets us promotion, but sometimes tactically he seems to be off the mark. I hope I am wrong but it feels we could be in danger of heading towards a repeat of this time last year when things obviously went wrong over Christmas. Although we did play very well at Brighton (the defence was excellent especially when down to 10 men)after losing to Walsall, I thought at draw at least this time at Luton, and was surprised by the defeat.
    I would really like to see Forest consistently have more goal attempts, and have both Commons and Davies in the team.

  3. Oops, not sure what happened with the date but I can’t be arsed to correct it now! That will teach me for copying stuff and not checking the obvious bits!!

  4. I seem to remember this cropping up before. Calderwood’s post match interviews seem to read from the book of motivational management quotes and either never reflects the game in question, or the following performance.

    There have been plenty of times when he’s said the team will play attacking football but they havent. Whether that is the players just not listening to the manager, or if he’s just trying to say the right things to appease the fans I dont know.

    The bottom line now is that I can never be bothered to listen to what he has to say anymore cause he doesnt actually tell you anything!

  5. I hope i am wrong but CC was never the right choice and i can see a repeat of last season. he has been told by the club to play more attacking football but he can’t sustain it and reverts back to type- i hope i’m wrong
    The interview with G Holt before the game spoke volumes – they were not up for it
    what about the supporters who made the trip, the club is in self destruct mode

  6. nffc I think you would agree that I have been consistent in my opinion that Calderwood was the wrong choice and your comment on his inability to learn from mistakes is no surprise.
    Like beestonred I fear a repeat of last season.
    I admit our home form is good however this is very rarely repeated away and even when we do win we’re not convincing.

    Another thing can somebody stop the players from telling us exactly how brilliant they are going to be, in the pages of the Evening Post, then failling to deliver on match day.

  7. Strange really, I expected to lose against walsall, so I wasn’t too disappointed. Then to beat Brighton away was a great result, and suddenly life is good. But to have capitulated so easily against Luton just knocks the stuffing out of you, doesn’t it.
    Just as Calderwood starts to sway me his way we play shit again and I’m back to doubting his ability to get us out of this shitty division.
    I mean, a club the size of ours, with the backing it has and the quality of players on the books (not to mention the Academy) and we’d be happy with a point away at walsall so long as we can sneak past northampton town!! Fuck me we are a laughing stock.
    And what hurts the most is the fact that I suspect most of us know, in our hearts, that this is now where our beloved Nottingham Forest belong.

  8. Mattyboy is spot on again.I feel exactly the same.This season Has to be promotion with an automatic place!!!The summer signings all seem to be good and hopefully some of our rivals will suffer later through not having a large enough squad.Smoulds said he wasnt bothered about a home tie with Liverpool but I bet Doughty was fuming at the lost income!!!

  9. I guess this article and the comments sum up our performance to date this term, in the context of the last 3 years. At times we are unstoppable, at this level, and we have had some very commanding and competent performances. And so you would expect – we are third on merit, after all. At the same time, we are tactically naive, and have a distinct lack of spirit when under pressure. Once or twice we have overcome this, but listening to the Luton game on the radio, it didn’t sound like that was the case on the night. And there are several games you can point to where the desire to knuckle down and “have-a-go” has been missing (most embarrassingly against Chelsea where we had nothing to lose, and millions of people were watching and Gary Good-for-England-but-still-a-twat-Linaker was able to smugly tell the world how shit Forest are).

    Still, we have 4 easy games, now, when the other contenders start to play each other. We should be at least 10 points further on after those games, and hence top of the league.

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