Bring on the Scousers!

So, Liverpool at home if we can beat Luton awaits in the FA Cup third round – for this game I’m more than happy to park my usual “let’s concentrate on the league” cup apathy that dominates many of my reactions to cup draws.  Forget the Chelsea game last season – this one is huge for me, and better still it’s at home so the undignified scramble for tickets will be less of an issue this time around (again, if we can beat Luton!).

Fans of a certain age have ill-disguised bad-blood with the Scousers, and I’m certainly no exception – as you might have detected when I’ve had (limited) call to mention them in the past.  I’m sure that many Liverpool fans will have long since forgotten about little Forest, but there was a time that the animosity between the two clubs was huge – and hopefully those younger Forest fans teetering on the edge of supporting them in Europe will be swayed.

Of course, if we approach this game on the pitch in the same way as we did the Chelsea game then we’ll get a tonking, a right royal one – but I must admit, for the first time in a long time, I am genuinely excited to have an opportunity to reacquaint ourselves with the dirty Scousers – without getting into the political minefield of Hillsborough, let’s just remember John Aldridge and his antics with Brian Laws… not once, but twice!

So sure, a distraction from the league it most certainly is – but if a draw like this doesn’t spur the lads on against administration-suffering Luton Town, then I don’t know what will.  Thank heavens for my friends texting me, after a very pleasant pub lunch I settled to watch the end of Mansfield’s struggle against some parttimers and then the pub unceremoniously switched off the cup draw in favour of some bloody golf on Sky!  Bastards!

So anyway, a real no-lose draw if we make it to round three.  Of course we’re more than likely to lose, and lose ‘andsomely at that – but well, just allow yourself to imagine, if you will, the upset if we managed to get a result.  It would be absolutely brilliant – although the properties around the ground probably wouldn’t think so after the visiting fans went on the rampage…