Forest-inspired music: part twenty

We’re up to quite literally the final straight – this is the last song of the compilation, I’m sure you’re glad to know!  I’d forgotten about this hence the gap between now and the middle of September when I last posted one of these!

If you think back to part two in this series, I warned you that the creator of that particular track, a Mr J. J. Barrie (along with a certain Brian Clough cameo appearance) would appear again – and here it is, he is saved for the final performance – an encore, if you will.  Rather than the anthemic mantra of ‘You Can’t Win ‘Em All’, this time we have a very similarly themed song called ‘It’s only a game.’

Probably again the saving grace of this particular number is the amusing interludes that the late great Brian Clough contributes inbetween the, once again, infuriatingly catchy choruses.  So you can rest happy that after this, there will be no more Forest inspired music – as even the successful sides don’t seem to spawn novelty songs any more, so it seems unlikely the mighty Reds will be inspiring any more any time soon!

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  1. That was atrocious, appalling utter excrement ~ Clough or no Clough.

  2. 😆

    So kind of on a par with the rest, really!

  3. Does anyone know where you can get hold of this CD? I contacted the Cherry Red publishers and was told that it is out of stock. There are none in stock on Amazon either. I would be extremely grateful for any help with this.

  4. I guess that eBay or Amazon market place is your best bet 😦

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