A weekend without Forest makes me a bored blogger!

Today has been rubbish.  Okay, I did have a bit of amusement listening to Notts County getting dumped out of the FA Cup by Havant and Waterlooville – it’s a bit bittersweet as I don’t really mind Notts, and have a huge amount of time for Charlie McP – so perhaps this result will spark the powers that be over the river into giving him a bit more funds to get the players he needs to make Notts a bit less rubbish.

But anyway, I was looking for some Stuart Pearce related information earlier today whilst listening to Colin Slater getting increasingly irate, and I found this gem of a photo – I seem to recall the Evening Post selling prints of it at the time.  Unforgivably I can’t remember the game the picture is from, but it encapsulates two of my favourite players in such a fantastic pose – I figured I’d share it with presumably other bored Forest fans this weekend!

Of course, it’s the big crunch match with Walsall on Tuesday.  Well, it’s not really a big crunch match, but we all know that through some voodoo alchemy they never seem to suffer defeat at our hands – and we’re all hoping that is about to change with the Reds on decent form going into the match.

Alas, the Saddlers too are on good form – they’ve played Northampton both today and last week, registering a win in the league and a draw in the FA Cup this afternoon.  Prior to that game they were unbeaten in five – so in seven games they’ve not tasted defeat.  We haven’t been defeated for six games, so we both go into the game with a similar record – it will be interesting, that’s for sure.

In the meantime, however, I’m going to reminsce about the times when perhaps I took having the likes of Clough Junior and Psycho in the side for granted – sure, I might’ve missed out on the Forest side of the late seventies and early eighties, but in the context of recent seasons I still count myself as pretty damn lucky to have witnessed players such as these. 

Forest-inspired music: part twenty

We’re up to quite literally the final straight – this is the last song of the compilation, I’m sure you’re glad to know!  I’d forgotten about this hence the gap between now and the middle of September when I last posted one of these!

If you think back to part two in this series, I warned you that the creator of that particular track, a Mr J. J. Barrie (along with a certain Brian Clough cameo appearance) would appear again – and here it is, he is saved for the final performance – an encore, if you will.  Rather than the anthemic mantra of ‘You Can’t Win ‘Em All’, this time we have a very similarly themed song called ‘It’s only a game.’

Probably again the saving grace of this particular number is the amusing interludes that the late great Brian Clough contributes inbetween the, once again, infuriatingly catchy choruses.  So you can rest happy that after this, there will be no more Forest inspired music – as even the successful sides don’t seem to spawn novelty songs any more, so it seems unlikely the mighty Reds will be inspiring any more any time soon!