Yeovil Town vs. Forest preview

Yeovil.  That’s a word that sticks in the craw doesn’t it?  Which is a shame, I like Yeovil as a club, they play decent football, seem to have a great team spirit, and in Russell Slade a canny manager – and frankly, we don’t have anyone to blame but ourselves for the playoff debacle against them.  But even still, their name has become synonymous with it, and whilst I think ‘going for revenge’ isn’t appropriate, I would hope the boys would be looking to vindicate a few things.

We’re on a good run in the league (let’s make like Smoulds and gloss over the Yeovil-esque capitulation to Leicester in the cup!), on the back of two wins – and a resounding one in the last game against Gillingham.  This is the kind of thing we need to be continuing – after a slow start to the league things are shaping up nicely, with Cohen shining in the middle, he has the opportunity to do so at his old club – he’s already spoken of his fondness for the Somerset team.

His compadre Aaron Davies is still unlikely to feature – and our centreback-made-rightback-made-goalmachine Luke Chambers also looks an unlikely participant, with James Perch being favoured to step in at right back.  Of course, Matt Lockwood as I mentioned yesterday has rapidly reinjured himself (why do I find myself thinking of Davy Oyen?) so won’t be featuring either – so expect the robust and forthright Bennett to retain his place without challenge.

Yeovil aren’t doing too badly this season, although not particularly well at home – given our recent record at Huish Park (well, okay, last season then!), it’s been quite a profitable hunting ground if not necessarily in terms of quality performances.  It’s a real opportunity for Forest to lay a ghost to rest early in the season, so like all reds I’ll be hoping that we have the wherewithall to do just that – but Yeovil won’t make it easy for us.


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  1. 1 little mistake, it was @ home we made a mess – not @ Yeovil – So we didn’t make any mess at their ground – 2 wins in 2 visits – 3 in 3 games against them until we got home…

  2. I’m well aware of our record at their place, I think you must have misread it!

  3. I think this will be a good test of our recent half decent improvement in form. Yeovil were last season a good passing side and one which, unlike a lot in this Division, will let you play football.

    Let see if we can pass it round them and get Tys and Jnr on the end of some quality balls from the midfield.

    Losing Chambers is a disappointment without doubt. I watched him VERY closely against the Gills and he’s really good at “ghosting in” on the back post. Definitely an asset if we can get good balls in from the wings.

    It will be interesting to see if Smoulds opts for 4-3-3 again?

  4. I’m sure he will, Egor. And the final score will be 1-3. When have I ever been wrong?

    Cohen and a brace from Agogo, for us.

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