Forest-inspired music: part nineteen

This is a heartfelt one, it has found it’s way onto my car stereo numerous times on the way back from a particularly arduous away trip from time to time.  It’s an emotional ballad-esque tribute to a homecoming back to the City Ground, but it feels more amusing when you’re literally ‘on the road’ to Nottingham having been on our travels backing the mighty Reds hopefully to a victory.

It’s actually called On the road to Nottingham, by Josh Richards – as ever, unless you’re seeking ironic music then you’ll be disappointed by it!  I’ve just been attempting to research a bit about the artist, but neither Google nor Wikipedia can reveal much about this particular Josh Richards so far as I can tell, so we will have to rely on our imaginations to picture some kind of wandering minstrel, who longs eternally for his all-too-few pilgrimmages to the City Ground to see ‘those guys.’

Or something like that… don’t worry, there’s only one more song to go after this one, although it is a good ‘un – for all the wrong reasons, of course!

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