Forest-inspired music: part nineteen

This is a heartfelt one, it has found it’s way onto my car stereo numerous times on the way back from a particularly arduous away trip from time to time.  It’s an emotional ballad-esque tribute to a homecoming back to the City Ground, but it feels more amusing when you’re literally ‘on the road’ to Nottingham having been on our travels backing the mighty Reds hopefully to a victory.

It’s actually called On the road to Nottingham, by Josh Richards – as ever, unless you’re seeking ironic music then you’ll be disappointed by it!  I’ve just been attempting to research a bit about the artist, but neither Google nor Wikipedia can reveal much about this particular Josh Richards so far as I can tell, so we will have to rely on our imaginations to picture some kind of wandering minstrel, who longs eternally for his all-too-few pilgrimmages to the City Ground to see ‘those guys.’

Or something like that… don’t worry, there’s only one more song to go after this one, although it is a good ‘un – for all the wrong reasons, of course!

A whole load of Brian Clough reminiscing..

There’s a whole lot of Clough nostalgia available at the moment – if you start with this link just here, you can view Cloughie in his pomp, having just been sacked by Leeds United, in debate with his predecessor Don Revie.  Clough of course was sacked after just 44 days after the Leeds players voted no confidence in him, following what was deemed a poor first six games.  Thanks to Al from Left Lion for the link.

It’s quite entertaining to see the interplay between two great managers of their era, Revie was a much more serious man than Clough – certainly in public appearances anyway.  It’s difficult to imagine a similar showdown being broadcast these days after a sacking between the chap who’s just been sacked and the guy he replaced – it would certainly be interesting TV compared to the bland interviews we’re subjected to these days.

The second part of Clough nostalgia is one to put in your diary – thanks to Ian for letting me know about it – Radio 4 have been running a series introduced by Matthew Parris entitled ‘Great Lives’ – and tomorrow at 4:30pm (18th September) is the turn for John Motson, and Motty has chosen none other than Brian Clough to be the subject of the programme – which should make interesting listening if you get the chance!  It’s repeated on Friday 21st September at 11:00pm.