E-I-E-I-E-I oh! Into the relegation zone we go..

And so it came to pass, a 3-0 win for Leeds United over Bristol Rovers, two more goals for Jermaine Beckford, and Forest find themselves looking up at Leeds from the last of the relegation places.  Now of course, everybody below Leeds has a game in hand, ourselves and Oldham have two, coupled with the earliness of the season, it’s not remotely time for panic stations.

However, psychologically it’s not a particularly good place to be – and if ever we needed a win both to ease those psychological concerns, but also to ease the pressure that is not insignficant on both players and certainly the manager at this time.  Historically Port Vale has been reasonably happy hunting ground for us, and it’s high time that elusive win came to kickstart the season for us.

Rumours of Smoulderwood being under job pressure perhaps don’t seem beyond belief right now, if – for example – Rotherham had stormed past us in terms of points with fairly minimum effort after their 10 point deduction, then you can imagine that questions would be asked – so the fact that Leeds have done just that (admittedly, Leeds are a more challenging prospect than Rotherham!) perhaps raises eyebrows more than normal given the very unnatural barrier of somebody starting with negative points.

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  1. Why is it I still can’t resit the Leicester tickets after reading this?

  2. Wow, just read the team for today, Nathan in for Commo and Cohen to start. Positive from CC, I reckon.
    Wish I’d gone now!

  3. It is a positive line up – which is good! Feel sorry for Sammy, though!

    I was always going to the Leicester game anyway, Gareth, if anything Megson’s arrival has made me less positive about it, I can see him doing well there 😦

  4. no excuses, just win. Anything less is a disgrace to the fans and Nottingham

  5. You are a miserable sh**p shagging tosser

  6. p.s.

    Great blog though

  7. Who’s a sheep shagger? :S

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