A scrappy victory heralds Forest’s first win of the season!

Port Vale – 0
Nottingham Forest – 2

We’ve finally gotten that win we’ve craved, in a scrappy and awkward game against Port Vale this afternoon.  The first goal came within the first three minutes, a Cohen corner flicked by Grant, and put into his own net by Edwards under pressure from Chambers.  The final goal came with only a couple of minutes of normal time remaining, Luke Chambers on hand to bury a header from a Commons cross.

And boy did we need it – the fact that the game was a scrappy and unentertaining affair doesn’t really matter at all, the result was all that counted – we have had games where we’ve performed well and not gotten the results, so perhaps a reverse of that scenario today is some kind of ironic karmic response from fate – who knows?  But after dipping briefly below the relegation cut-off point, we’re up to mid table!

Smoulders made a couple of changes, and positive ones at that (on paper, at least), dropping Commons for Tyson, and dropping Clingan for the newly-fit Cohen.  In this I felt sorry for Sammy, who has done well for us this season – I was surprised he didn’t push him to the right, dropping Perch to the bench for Cohen.  I can’t say I have much objection to providing Commons with a reminder that he can’t coast to a place in the side automatically.

Despite the comfortable looking scoreline, we should remember that Paul Smith made three good saves – one in the first half, two in the second – all of which prevented equalisers.  Not to mention a strange lapse from the ‘keeper who claimed the ball before bowling it into the back of the referee, from which Whittaker was only able to chip the ball wide of the goal with Smith well out of position.

Commons was introduced for Tyson in the second half, Nathan had a quiet game largely because the ball never came to him – but upon taking the field Commons did start to make a difference, so perhaps the ignomity of being dropped to the bench will stir him into the kind of performances we know he’s capable of.  Sammy and Dobie were introduced later for Agogo and Perch, and this is perhaps the period that heralded the best spell of the game for Forest.

A win, though, is a win – and boy did we need one today, without a Derby match in the Premiership to laugh at this weekend we needed some good cheer, and some points on the board more importantly! We’re now up to the dizzy heights of 14th in the league table, with a game in hand on many teams that may be sufficient to put us into the playoff zone – given that game in hand is against bottom-placed Oldham, things could be looking up!

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  1. Good write up. I like your site, entertaining and unashamedly biased. Heres hoping that you have got over the relegation zone blues, and never have to sing them again. Only three points from the play offs. I can’t wait to read one of your reports when we play extremely well and really hammer someone.

    Keep up the good work.

  2. Maybe Monday night?

  3. Surely Tuesday, unless you mean us all becoming Newcastle fans for the evening 😀

  4. Tuesday. Mebbee.

    Is it true the Fester fans booed Megson when he was introduced at the game today?

    is that cos he’s Forest (thought they would be pleased with what he did to us) or just because he’s Megson?

  5. I didn’t see the game, I also don’t know how sensational the write up was from CC about Cohen, but if he proved a very useful inclusion, it seems at least one of our summer buys may not be too bad after all (not that Wilson or Lennon have been atrocious mind). He sounds like a good lad, lets hope Smoulds can get the best out of him. Let’s also hope when Lockwood and Davies are fit, we can keep on winning (not that one win constitutes a run of form). It’s funny nobody is calling for Arthur or Smoulds’ head now. Keep the faith. Uuuuu rrreeedddsssssss!!!!!!!!

  6. Excellent win today. I too feel sorry for sammy. Until his injury last season I felt he was our most consistent player, and he took it to another level this season alongside Lennon. Maybe CC was resting him after the 2 NIreland games?
    Could be a good week, if we beat Leicester on Tuesday the momentum should be with us for the Gillingham game…play-offs here we come!!

  7. I agree with you NFFC, positve changes yesterday. Some players need a kick up the backside occasionally and I get the feeling Commons is one of them, though Sammy was probably rested. Cohen looked the business and the pairing of Wes & Wilson looks solid.
    A good three points, however what frustrated me yesterday was the poor decision making by the Forest players:-
    1. Passing to players in offside positions
    2. Grant Holt being continually offside – despite being out wide and looking across the line
    3. Not taking opportunities to whip crosses in, but passing back to the full back ?

    Colin made some positve changes today, but if the players don’t have the ability to execute the basics the game will always be scrappy.

  8. According to Radio Nottingham, Tyson hardly touched the ball on the left wing and Forest virtually played with ten men. It’s not Tyson’s fault, he is no more a left winger than Chambers is a right back. Happy with 3 points at last though!

  9. Aylesbury Red – Tyson tore Charlton apart last season form the left – so he can play there. Its true he didn’t see much of the ball, but I didn’t think he looked that interested to be honest. The funny thing was he went down with cramp then jumped up and ran off when substituted ! Some cramp that ?

  10. Has anyone else read the rubbish “Nottingham Forest Matchday” comes out with?

  11. Yes, very sad. They seem to think they are witty.

  12. Some of the writing is okay, but the misleading headlines are a bit irksome.

  13. I agree with nffc. Some of their headlines are just plain “Megson”! Looking forward to tomorrow night!

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