Suddenly the Leicester replay might get interesting…

… because the BBC are reporting that a certain Gary Megson is poised to take over the managerial vacancy that has existed at the Foxes since the day after our first attempt at a cup game.  The much-maligned former-Forest manager has been out of work since he was ousted as Forest manager back in February 2006.

Despite our unpleasant memories of him, he does have a track record of success at Championship level prior to taking the poisoned-chalice at the City Ground – twice dragging West Brom into the Premiership, and perhaps his uncompromising ideas of how the game should be played might not sit so uncomfortably at the Walkers Stadium as they did at the City Ground.

I must admit I’m a little surprised if this does indeed prove to be what is going to happen.  Mandaric is well-known for being very hands on indeed, which was reportedly part of the problem Martin Allen had with him, and it will be interesting to see how Megson deals with a chairman who will be breathing down his neck to ensure his goals are within reach.

But certainly it will add some much-needed spice to our forthcoming cup replay against Leicester, as there is obviously still a lot of ill-feeling amongst the Forest support for our former manager, so I’m sure if he is indeed unveiled as Leicester manager it might just help sell a few extra tickets for the replay on tuesday 18th September.


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  1. Still not going to bother going as a matter of principle, not prepeared to pay the £5 extra when I have already paid £16 for the first game.

    Champions league starts that night as well. much more better value for money.

  2. Champions League? The biggest yawn of a competition in existence. A glorifield love in for the so called elite who each year rake in millions just to ensure their position is strengthened. The group stages are all about money, it only becomes more interesting in the Spring.

    Megson baiting is surely a more exciting prospect!

  3. I realise that paying extra cash for the game is unappealing for some, but I wish everyone would stop directing their moans at the club. If the club let everyone in for free, the game would run at a massive loss due to the cost of stewards, staff and policing (especially considering what happened at the first game).

    The people moaning would then probably moan that we aren’t spending enough money on players!

    It’s just an unfortunate set of circumstances, and paying a total of £21 to see 135 mins of footy isn’t too bad. And we get to bait the Ginger one!!!!

  4. Poor old Leicester. First they get Manadaric interfering with the club and now they appoint Mugson as manager. OK so CC seems a bit tactically naiive at times but all the ginger one ever seemed to do was shout and swear at people!

    I’m reminded of a freezing night at the national hockey stadium when we lost to the MK franchise and we only had 1 shot all night. It was soooo awful. Through the silence of our fans all I could hear was Mugson screaming ‘get the f*cking ball!’

  5. Ooh mr B, you are grumpy! Enjoy sitting indoors watching highly paid entertainers diving around. Do you hum along with the man u and chelsea fans, too?!
    Come on man, get a grip. I dont agree that they should have abandoned in the first place – said it all along – but they did so we just get on with it.

    What worries me more is the fact that Warnock turned them down….so therefore is still available.

  6. Megson will probably do well for them. I doubt their set of players are wrought with the unprofessionalism that Megson encountered at Forest.

    If Calderwood goes, and I would personally give him another 5 to 10 games, I would go for Charlie McParland.

  7. whats more interesting is this………
    bloody derby get everywhere

  8. It’s the only way they WILL get into Europe 😀

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