Reds to take to China..

Forest have announced frankly odd plans to ‘take the Club into China’ this morning.  This is the second bolt-from-the-blue type announcement they’ve come out with since the continually vague assertion that they have viable plans to construct a new ‘super’ stadium out near Gotham over the next few years.

This latest scheme, however, appears to be in partnership with both the City Council and local businesses, Forest will be using the trip to China as part of their preseason preparations in 2008 – with a three match tour including Nottingham’s sister city in China, Ningbo. (I never knew we had a sister city in China!).

Local businesses are thought to also be involved in the trip, which is designed to bring investment into Nottingham’s business sector, although the Forest website does make specific mention of “significantly enhancing its international supporter base and its brand profile in the Far East“.

Oh dear, it really does read like a fluffy marketing press release for a fashion label or something, doesn’t it?  I suppose that underlines the fact that Nottingham Forest is not a football club to those in control, it’s a marketable ‘brand’.  I thought the ‘let’s get supporters in China’ boat had sailed personally, but I welcome any opportunity to get funds in.


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  1. I’ve just sorted my holiday for next year! Can’t wait.



  3. If we got off to a flying start to the season would such an announcement by the club have been greeted with so much cynicism?

    The club, the stadium, the support base and the expectations of NFFC all point towards a higher division than we are in. Getting out of the 3rd division and making expansive plans more fitting of a ‘successful’ team are not mutually exclusive! Or would the writer of the article prefer if the club acted like a small-town, no-hope provincial outfit?

    Ni hao China!

  4. I commented that any opportunity to generate revenue is welcomed by me.

    And yes, I would have been equally cynical even if we were topping the table, as it’s a real underlining of what a hideously corporate entity football has become.

  5. I wonder if Mr Arthur has actually told the Chinese yet that it’s not The Double European Champions coming to visit?! I bet they’ll be chuffed to bits when Colin turns up!!

  6. Ah so

  7. Forest are going to China, not Japan Egor.

  8. I hope the three games in China don’t have the same disastorous effect that the ill-fated tour of America had. Its hardly ideal preparation for the new season, which I assume will be in League 1.

  9. ….And our last major foreign pre season tour was a real success wasn’t it? Remember the tour to the States a couple of years back – it appalled Joe Kinnear and his team so much that the Manager went into a sulk that lasted long beyond his sacking and the team ended up relegated!

    1865, don’t try telling me this has anything to do with ‘preparing’ the team for the season ahead. It is all about chasing the dollar – which as you say is all well and good if supporters felt the club was moving forward, however when we are near the relegation zone to Divison Four it does all seem like pie in the sky.

    After Calderwood has been sacked, I’m sure any new Manager will be really keen on having this jaunt forced into their pre season plans (again the Kinnear situation springs to mind.)

    Plain stupid.

  10. FAO- Lou

    You better start saving up then!

  11. Get the club out of this league and then think about anything else. It’s depressing.

  12. It’s just a freebie for councillors like Jon Collins and Graham Chapman I expect.

    They’ll be able to claim it on their expenses, of course.

    Oh, and then there’s John Taylor, on every board and quango in and around the city that you could imagine. Bet he’s involved in our new stadium deal too, as well as his involvement already with the NET tram company, the Trent health authority, New College Nottingham, Nottingham Regeneration, Nottingham Waterside, Partnership Council for Hyson Green, UK Urban Network, Executive Director and Shareholder of Forest Estates and a member of the charity OSCAR.

    Isn’t he something to do with Notts County too??? !!!

  13. I’ve occasionally come across references to a “disastorous tour of America” Forest had a few years back, but couldn’t find any information about it? What happened that was so bad? As an American fan of the club I would love to have them come back.

  14. I’m sketchy on the details, but it happened when Kinnear was in charge.

    It was organised by the board, I think Capital One had something to do with it too, it was a purely corporate endeavour masquerading as a preseason tour… from accounts I remember, the facilities and travel arrangements were rather shambolic, leaving the squad with little time to prepare properly, which impacted on their fitness and ultimately meant the preseason that year was a bit of a disaster – followed inevitably by a pretty disasterous season.

    Something like that, anyway! Perhaps somebody with a better memory will elaborate for me – I remember the buffoon Kinnear citing is at shambolic though, and distancing himself from the organising of it.

  15. Bit off topic I know, but during a quiet half hour at work i’ve been reading the “where are they now” section of the official website. Brings back some great memories of happier times!

    And did you know that Andi Silenzi is available on a free?! Come on Colin, there’s your saviour!!

  16. Andre Silenzi’s been on a free for years. At last he’s realizing his true value!

  17. I hope we do some scouting while we are there. I would like a couple of chinese forwards of no more than 3 foot in stature that we could rain down the long ball from our own area and see what they can do with it. Its a wonder with my tactical expertise both me and Megson aren’t employed by a proffesional club

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