Reds to take to China..

Forest have announced frankly odd plans to ‘take the Club into China’ this morning.  This is the second bolt-from-the-blue type announcement they’ve come out with since the continually vague assertion that they have viable plans to construct a new ‘super’ stadium out near Gotham over the next few years.

This latest scheme, however, appears to be in partnership with both the City Council and local businesses, Forest will be using the trip to China as part of their preseason preparations in 2008 – with a three match tour including Nottingham’s sister city in China, Ningbo. (I never knew we had a sister city in China!).

Local businesses are thought to also be involved in the trip, which is designed to bring investment into Nottingham’s business sector, although the Forest website does make specific mention of “significantly enhancing its international supporter base and its brand profile in the Far East“.

Oh dear, it really does read like a fluffy marketing press release for a fashion label or something, doesn’t it?  I suppose that underlines the fact that Nottingham Forest is not a football club to those in control, it’s a marketable ‘brand’.  I thought the ‘let’s get supporters in China’ boat had sailed personally, but I welcome any opportunity to get funds in.