Despite a fifteen point headstart, Leeds could overtake us on Friday..

It was a bit alarming the other day to take a look at the league table, and the fixture list, and then realise that on friday, should Leeds United beat Bristol Rovers (comprising their sixth league win on the bounce), they will move above us in the league table.  To make matters worse, we’ll descent into the murky depths of the relegation zone!

Of course, we could correct all that on saturday with our trip to Port Vale, and we would still have an additional game in hand after the weekend too – but it does rather bring home the differing fortunes of the Reds and the Whites as the season has kicked off.  Of course, there’s a long way to go, and I also remember how we had a string of decent-results-yet-strangely-unconvincing-performances at the start of last season.

The big fat reality check is that a league campaign is a proverbial marathon rather than a sprint, but when you consider the upheaval they’ve undergone, and the speed with which their squad was thrown together, it does make me cast envious glances up the M1 (I have very good eyesight, you see) at how positive the start to Leeds’s season has been compared to our own.

If we fall beneath them so early after a fifteen point headstart, it really brings it home!