Forest-inspired music: part eighteen

This song will either have you misty-eyed with nostalgia, or trembling with embarrassment at the memories of it being piped out of the PA system at the City Ground as the team took to the field.  Given the ‘retirement’ of Sherwood the Bear, and the introduction of the new Robin Hood based mascot, it becomes all the more topical I suppose!

It called Robin Hood, and it’s by Hector Cortez and his Formation (his formation?!) – and I really really hate it.  I was relieved that the introduction of a Robin Hood themed mascot has not ushered in a reintroduction of this dreadful musical travesty – yet.  We do get the ‘horn’ noise mixed in with our prematch music, which seems to be instead based on the recent BBC Robin Hood series theme tune instead.

I shudder to think of a time when this song may be reintroduced, but I do know a fair few fans would welcome such a development!