The Mirror predict a Fryatt..

The Mirror, always an organ of few words, have published a tantalising – and presumably entirely unsubstantiated – paragraph suggest that we’re after Matty Fryatt on loan from Leicester City to improve our ailing fortunes this season.  It seems an unlikely scenario to me, but I suppose stranger things have happened.  This is the entire section that appeared on the Mirror’s website:

NOTTINGHAM FOREST boss Colin Calderwood is lining up a loan swoop for Leicester striker Matty Fryatt to rescue his side’s horror start to the season.

Of course, it’s not beyond the realms of possibility that Smoulders would like to move for him – we were linked with him before he signed for the Foxes in the January 2006 transfer window – albeit when Megson was still in charge.  The fact that he presumably has previously turned us down doesn’t necessarily bode well though, given our repeated attempts to tempt Neil Danns to join us from Birmingham – sometimes you have to take a hint!

The other news of note is that Chris Cohen, having bizarrely snapped something in his leg, is now expected to recover much more quickly – and will be featuring in the reserves soon.  I guess that opens an opportunity to reshuffle the deck a bit, with Perch moving to the rightback berth it was suggested he’d occupy before the season began, and Chambers to move into central defence potentially.

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  1. I think Matty Fryatt would be a really good addition to the squad, if the rumour is true. However, I currently am finding it really difficult to muster much enthusiasm for any transfer talk. There are two reasons for this.

    Firstly, like everyone else, I watched with interest last week for Forest news which never materialised despite the Manager’s predictions. This, following last January’s shambles, and our failure this summer to land Best, McGoldrick, Cole (all Nottingham lads), Danns and Crowe is a real reminder to us all how diificult it actually is for CC to attract players to Forest. Just because we want them, does not mean they will come.

    Secondly, I feel out squad SHOULD already be strong enough to get us up. I just can’t help thinking that the current players are only part of the problem. We have a really solid defence, especially when Lennon sits in front. However we should therefore be more adventurous going forward. If CC continues to be negative, it may well end up costing him his job. I know none of us really want Neil W****ck as manager (myself included) but at least he would really go for a win where necessary.

  2. an addition is merely a smoke screen for yet another failed manager at Forest, something is wrong is the dressing room again. Calderwood needs to collect his p45 now, i’m sick of dull football at Forest

  3. Now the transfer window is closed, doesn’t it have to class as an ’emergency loan’? I’m not sure that you could justify that with Holt, Tyson, Agogo, Dobie and Sinclair all fit and available? I think I’d prefer to go for Will Hoskins if he’s still not getting a game for Watford. Another addition to the Nottingham born collection!

    Good point about the forgotten promise to give Perch a regular slot at right back. I guess this has been put off due to all the injury probs but I do hope this happens soon. It would give the defence a much better balance and Chambers is a centre half!

    If everyone ever gets fit, who would CC pick at centre half and centre midfield?



    It could get very interesting…

  4. Oh god, what’s it all about? We buy strikers we discard strikers who fail, they then go on to score at other clubs, King, Harris, Lester etc etc. Some thing is wrong with this club, we cant create in front of goal, I think it is something very wrong with the training methods, the whole ethos is we don’t create no matter who we buy, it has to be something very very basic. We change back room staff, we change players who the hell do we change now? I just can’t understand what we are about ant more… oh god help out the makers of Nottingham Forest… please……………….

  5. What ever happned to NOTTINGHAM FOREST … won the Cl once or twice … and just went down hill after that

  6. joefootball – we didn’t win the Champions (sic) League, we won the European Cup.

  7. Forest have had a very strange relationship with strikers for decades, we either get strikers that only score for us and are useless elsewhere (Birtles, Davenport) or we get them who can’t score for toffee for us and bang em in elsewhere ????!!!! (Ian Wallace, Harris, Freedman, King etc). To be fair to Lester he did weigh in with the goals for us and is now clearly enjoying league2.

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