You’re an embarrassment..

Nottingham Forest – 2
Peterborough United – 3

Whilst I don’t purport to feel as lowly as those fans who actually went to the match tonight, I do feel a bit down as tonight – before Stan came on at the Approach – they were showing videos of his time with us back in the days when we weren’t shit.  It was a real reality check as to just how far we’ve fallen in terms of not just the outrageous goodness of the subject of the evening, but also the team around him, the passing, the moving, the ability to score goals.  I fear we’ll never see those times again now.

Smoulds described the defeat as “a resounding punch in the nose”, and from what I hear, there were plenty of despondant and angry fans willing to dispense just that to him after what is reported as a dreadfully inept performance.  I fear that, in order to even vaguely keep the remaining fans who haven’t lost faith in the manager onside, Smoulders is very much occupying a barstool in the fabled saloon called ‘Last Chance.’

Chambers scored twice either side of half time, with a Peterborough equaliser inbetween, he then decided – having restored Forest’s lead – to put the ball in his own net in order to store parity.  A 72nd minute goal from Boyd being sufficient to be a reverse of both the scoreline and the opponents we were reminscing with Stan Collymore about from the 93/94 season.

That said, those of you who can think back to that season will remember we started that one spectacularly badly as well – I’m well aware that was a new manager, and team etc, and am certainly not making excuses as I’m as frustrated as the next man, but it is very early to be writing off a season based on a hapless few first games (where, in fairness, we have shown flashes of very good positive football – albeit short ones!). 

Undoubtedly pressure will be high on Smoulderwood if he continues to fail to deliver – tonight was a very real opportunity to chalk up our first win of the season (in open play), and had we taken it we’d have gone into the break with a positive mindset.  As it is, we’ve gone into it losing to a side from the division below, and the resounding boos and vitriol pouring from the Main Stand lingering in players memories as they next take the field.

Not good, is it?  I’m not quite ready to turn on the manager just yet, but taking a straw poll around the forums after getting in, it would appear that there are plenty that have already given up on him.  Recent past suggests that without a turnaround on the pitch it won’t be all that long before the balance of pressure from disheartened supporters will bring about yet another managerial change.

Whether that’s the right thing or the wrong thing is something only history will be able to tell us in years to come.  As ever it falls on the players, and indeed us supporters, to pull out the stops to turn this dreadful start around.  And no matter how bad the result was, remember it’s only the Johnstone’s Paint Trophy afterall.  Congratulations to Peterborough, of course – who have been reported to me as worthy winners from friends who attended, but I’ve always considered this competition as a distraction too far.

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  1. Well nffc my son and I did attend the game (his choice, and i’m actually glad he’s still interested) and let me assure you your decision not to attend was correct!

    A pretty poor first half was only made interesting due to the fact that they were worse than us and we happened to be sitting just in front of a very strong looking Forest side, including Holt, Wilson, Cohen and Lockwood! (at the end of the game my 10yr old asked Lockwood to “hurry up and get fit, that Julians crap”. He had a point.)

    Anyway, for 20 minutes of the 2nd half we looked like a proper football team. Attacking, creative, on the ground. It was a pleasure to watch. Then they took the lead after yet another defensive mistake, and our approach changed. Hoof it and hope. How depressing.

    Now, for any of you out there reading this and thinking (as I do) that changing manager wont help and we need stability, think about this: Less than a minute to go, we get a corner. We are losing to an inferior side at home. So Calderwood (he makes the tactical decisions) chooses to leave Lennon on the half-way line, chambers just in front of him and Smith in his area. They clear the ball and as the posh fans are whistling for the end we get another corner. SAME SHIT HAPPENS.

    My 10 year old could see what was needed, as could the other 3000 (!!) forest boys, so why the fuck didn’t Calderwood?

  2. Hmm, where do I start? I watched last night’s game from a somehwat unique position. Whilst bI’ve been a Forest fan all my life, I work as a steward for Peterborough United and my wife supports them, so having travelled down on a coach with the away fans and sitting with the away fans, I was put in a fairly neutral position, aided somewhat by the fact that I didn’t really care about progression in this tournament.

    The one thing I would say is, we can’t write this off as a simple defeat to a poorer club. Peterborough have a very wealthy chairman who has allowed them to sign aolmost every player they’ve wanted and the majority of their attacking players would walk into any League 1 side, some would even be good enough for Championship sides.

    Overall it was a actually an entertaining game, but I can appreciate people’s frustration. I’ll always have a fond memory of Wes skinning their full-back though…

  3. Total crap……..!!! And a waste of everyones time and money. Now Im not a “skin Smolders” type of guy but a few more like this and I’m gonna change my tune.

    Agree with Congo… bit was Wes’s piece of outrageous skill. Boy how we laughed!!

  4. I agree with EgorTheRed; a few more defeats and poor performance like this will lead to me joining the “manager out” club.

    We have to be very careful this season that we don’t see further reductions in our crowd and performance, or we’ll never get out of this division and head back up towards the Prem. So I think we need to give the manager until about mid-October, and if things haven’t improved by then…….

    We may also need to attract a more “glamourous” manager, someone who has a strong history with the club and who would encourage big crowds to return. Obviously Pearce and Clough would fit that bill, although as neither have exactly covered themselves in glory at football management I’m not sure if they are the answer. But if we start to average less than 15,000 at home, we are heading from some financial problems.

  5. We’ve all been very patient hoping that CC will suddenly evolve into a decent manager but i think everyones always had reservations. He has built a good looking squad (definitely good enough for the championship) but really how hard is this when your chairman is prepared to back you to the hilt. The fact is that he is completely tactically inept and the funny thing is he thinks he’s this great tactician. I don’t see the benefit in giving him more time he’s not going to change. Fair play to Darren Ferguson seems to have what it takes to be a decent manager.

  6. Now is the time to show some balls Forest, and move to replace Calderwood. There is no point waiting until Leeds have passed us as we will then be chasing the pack, you wait too long the new guy has too much to do.
    I am afraid to say that unless we get a win on Saturday, CC should be gone by Monday.

    I will throw my hat into the ring and say lets have Neil Warnock……he might be a w····r in some peoples eyes but he would get Forest moving in the right direction.

  7. Only one problem Bleeding…we don’t have a game on Saturday. Oldhan game is off due to international call-ups.

  8. Says it all really, we call off the game ‘cos we have too many international players unavailable.
    Yet still we’re 6th from bottom off the 3rd division and out of ‘the’ cup.

    Could a different manager get more from the players we have…??

    Ps, Bleeding, Don’t know who exactly, but NOT Warnock!!!

  9. NFFC have you read the ‘Has the boss got the full backing of the board ?’ article in Monday’s Evening Post ? It makes interesting reading about what is possibly going on behind the scenes at the club (it’s also on the NEP website)

    Last night … I think anybody reading my comments on this forum will know I feel that Calderwood has been out of his depth from day one. as I’ve said before nice guy not a good enough manager I thinks it’s only a matter of how long Doughty will give him. Given results so far I’d be surprised if he makes it to December. I can only feel sad and frustrated that the club has descended to this. I’m also surprised so many fans are still sitting on the fence on this matter

  10. Also what about Paul Jewell to take over ?

  11. ‘Sitting on the fence’, ured…..personally I have been resisting change up til now as i’ve always wanted him to get in his own players and judge him on their performances. (and add some much needed stability). But now we unquestionably DO have the players to get us out of this godforsaken league. So the question is to give him a chance or bring in a fire-cracker of a manager to gel these players into a proper team.
    I still don’t know. But surely if we pick our strongest team they don’t need a manager? Professional players should know how to pass, move, control, shoot etc…?? I once heard a story that Johnno reckoned they played shit under Megson in order to get him the sack. Surely history isn’t repeating itself?!

    No to Paul Jewell. His accent, if nothing else.

  12. I believe it is time for a change. We have a while before the next game. CC will not turn into a decent manager by oct/nov time!! Do it now.this season and the pre season games in scotland showed he has the players but he cannot get them playing to their potential. I know I will get stick for this but I would love to see pearce and clough or either with another ex forest player to shake the place up. For me its not living in the past its all about creating an excitement on and off the pitch.

  13. I said after the Yeovil debacle that CC should go and still feel the same way. Yes he seems a nice bloke but it doesnt take long for the fans to realise if the manager has tactical awareness and the courage to make brave decisions and I have yet to see that from Calderwood. He is way too defensive and negative. We might just scrape up this year due to our resources but it wont be down to CC’s managerial abilities.

    We bought 2 of Yeovil’s best players and yet they have rebuilt on a low budget and have started well (6th). Perhaps it is their manager (a Forest supporter) that would have been the better investment?

  14. Mattyboy I agree we do have the players to get us out of this league however I disagree about the importance of the manager.
    I look at football as a team sport played by eleven individuals.
    Man U, Chelsea etc would not achieve results without Fergie or Jose dictating the Style, tactics and organisation required.
    In fact most managers get sacked when they lose the dressing room and players start playing as individuals.
    The manager is the most important person at any club. His influence should be felt at all levels. The team should be his team, playing his way. We have Calderwood’s team playing, it appears, how they want to !

  15. Fact. You cant change the wind but you can change yours sails.
    Do as I have done, refuse to purchase any more tickets to watch this disgrace, please go Calderwood. It’s clear you are simply a hopeless individual with little more skill than Gary Megson on weed

  16. I agree with your frustrations, but not the early shift of manager. Calderwood has bought well this summer, yet has hardly fielded his buys because they are all variuosly crocked. Combine that with Tyson, Agogo and Holt having their own spells on the couch, and you can bet we haven’t seen CC’s starting 11 yet, never mind squad of matchday 16. He HAS to be given until Christmas, because then his squad will played together more, and we can judge his abilities. I hate the defensive play that we fall back on so much, but it could just be that with everyone fit and in their right position we will aim for more attacking football. If not, then give him the boot, because even if that brand of football did get us promoted (unlikely), the likes of Leicester, Derby, Wolves, Preston, etc, etc would rip us a part, week on week, and we’d back right back down here again in 2009.

    Anyone but Warnock, and we are too small to get big boys like Jewell or Pearce. We’ll not get a big name in this league.

  17. Forest Forest, enough really is enough, no more time for this idiot. The fact remains that the team he fields even with the injuries can and should be able to win at least one match, they cant therefore you have to presume that once again a manager at Forest does not have the dressing room on his side, we cant simply let this man fester away, we are the fans, this man is only in it for the money, cant anyone recognize this?

  18. Laughing stock, we are.

    Just got back from a week in Devon and some poor chap was wandering around with his family in a Forest shirt.

    Got balls, that man.

  19. Welcome to planet Earth, Luke. I hope you enjoy your stay. Please park your flying saucer in a marked bay, or you may find you get a parking ticket. (Or if you park it in almost-scouse-land you may well have your hubcaps stolen.) The local language is called “English”, and it is pronounced without hawking mucus all over the floor. Most aliens find the grammar lessons quite refreshing – you should try them. Try not to make yourself look too much of an ass, there’s a good chap.

  20. For a battle of wits, perhaps? I don’t like to touch Scousers, you see.

  21. Hey Luke, fcuk off back to your jobless ghettos.

  22. It’s nice to see the different level of contributions to this site from non-Forest fans. I think the recent banter and intelligent conversation with Leeds fans was excellent…and compares nicely to that scouse nonce Luke.

  23. Apparently young Luke only gets released once a fortnight and has to wear an ankle bracelet too. According to my source he was convicted of indecent exposure to a minor. Mind you, the youngsters in question just burst out laughing!

    Congratulations to Leeds, by the way. Man that hurt!

  24. Luke’s display of English goes some way to explain the context of his posts…

  25. Calm down, calm down, la! 😛

  26. Not if we tie your laces together. Or do you wear velcro shoes, with flashy lights as you walk?!

  27. I suppose he chooses the pair that best go with his shellsuit.

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