You’re an embarrassment..

Nottingham Forest – 2
Peterborough United – 3

Whilst I don’t purport to feel as lowly as those fans who actually went to the match tonight, I do feel a bit down as tonight – before Stan came on at the Approach – they were showing videos of his time with us back in the days when we weren’t shit.  It was a real reality check as to just how far we’ve fallen in terms of not just the outrageous goodness of the subject of the evening, but also the team around him, the passing, the moving, the ability to score goals.  I fear we’ll never see those times again now.

Smoulds described the defeat as “a resounding punch in the nose”, and from what I hear, there were plenty of despondant and angry fans willing to dispense just that to him after what is reported as a dreadfully inept performance.  I fear that, in order to even vaguely keep the remaining fans who haven’t lost faith in the manager onside, Smoulders is very much occupying a barstool in the fabled saloon called ‘Last Chance.’

Chambers scored twice either side of half time, with a Peterborough equaliser inbetween, he then decided – having restored Forest’s lead – to put the ball in his own net in order to store parity.  A 72nd minute goal from Boyd being sufficient to be a reverse of both the scoreline and the opponents we were reminscing with Stan Collymore about from the 93/94 season.

That said, those of you who can think back to that season will remember we started that one spectacularly badly as well – I’m well aware that was a new manager, and team etc, and am certainly not making excuses as I’m as frustrated as the next man, but it is very early to be writing off a season based on a hapless few first games (where, in fairness, we have shown flashes of very good positive football – albeit short ones!). 

Undoubtedly pressure will be high on Smoulderwood if he continues to fail to deliver – tonight was a very real opportunity to chalk up our first win of the season (in open play), and had we taken it we’d have gone into the break with a positive mindset.  As it is, we’ve gone into it losing to a side from the division below, and the resounding boos and vitriol pouring from the Main Stand lingering in players memories as they next take the field.

Not good, is it?  I’m not quite ready to turn on the manager just yet, but taking a straw poll around the forums after getting in, it would appear that there are plenty that have already given up on him.  Recent past suggests that without a turnaround on the pitch it won’t be all that long before the balance of pressure from disheartened supporters will bring about yet another managerial change.

Whether that’s the right thing or the wrong thing is something only history will be able to tell us in years to come.  As ever it falls on the players, and indeed us supporters, to pull out the stops to turn this dreadful start around.  And no matter how bad the result was, remember it’s only the Johnstone’s Paint Trophy afterall.  Congratulations to Peterborough, of course – who have been reported to me as worthy winners from friends who attended, but I’ve always considered this competition as a distraction too far.