Surely the best Forest-related advert ever?

Has been unearthed here on the Left Lion blog!  It’s from back in 1978 and is the most random thing for the Forest team of that time to be endorsing.  You’ll just have to click the link to find out more, what a tremendous piece of nostalgia.  Who things we should get the Left Lion guys to reproduce it in poster and t-shirt form?  Surely it would be the greatest Forest merchandise ever?

Speaking of Left Lion, the review for August is up – such as it is – it’s been an fairly disappointing month from a points tally perspective, but certainly not a dull one.  Certainly few would argue we all expect to see a huge improvement over the coming weeks, as injuries recover and excuses lessen, so will the pressure (that is already present) increase exponentially.

Whilst I generally consider myself a patient supporter, I must admit that whilst I’m not jumping on any bandwagons just yet – I find it less difficult to imagine myself doing so in the near future.  Alas I’ll miss tomorrow’s game against Peterborough where hopefully doubts will be assuaged, I’ll be in The Approach to attend an evening with a certain Stanley Victor Collymore – can’t wait!