Forest-inspired music: part seventeen

We’re entering the realms of synth-and-sample driven excitement as we go on our merry way to reach the seventeenth track on this godforsaken compact disc.  It reminds me of the kind of music you’d get on old Amiga games, with piano-type riffs with a non-descript instrument weaving a spiralling tune, along with obligatory samples – in this case, of the Great Man himself.

The main drive of the song has him saying “Shut up while I’m talking”, but there are a few extra gems thrown in there.  Take the samples away and you could imagine this being the theme tune to ‘A Question of Sport’ or something, or perhaps the music accompanying a series of goal highlights – probably in the late 80’s or early 90’s though, rather than present day.

The song is called Sorted for Clough, the ‘artist’ is Give us a Kiss, and frankly, it’s not likely to cheer you up in the aftermath of us not signing anybody before the transfer deadline passed!

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