McGoldrick’s gone to Port Vale, so that leaves us with Hartson, Dobie or a surprise!

Supposed longish term target David McGoldrick has joined Port Vale, despite competition from ourselves and Leeds United.  So that quashes that particular piece of speculation that has been doing the rounds.  The Nottingham Evening Post speculated that our move for him was what was prevent Scott Dobie being released to try his luck elsewhere, with Aberdeen and Swindon Town thought to be likely destinations.

And so that leaves John Hartson in the speculated-about targets.  The Times has gone as far to report that we have already signed the former-Celtic man on loan, with West Brom picking up the bulk of the tab for his wages – but that’s yet to be confirmed by Forest – perhaps they were awaiting a ‘double signing’ announcement opportunity, indeed, perhaps they still are – or, of course, perhaps it’s all just a load of bollocks.

It always surprises me how so many deals are left until the last minute by football clubs – certainly Forest tend to leave their activities very late.  I realise leaving it late gives the buying club perhaps a better bargaining position, but it’s sheer torture reading the various assertions on numerous forums from people with ‘sources’, who have been ‘nailed on’ in the past, yet strangely, every time I seem to see one, they turn out to be wrong.

Ho hum.  I suppose there’s not too long to wait to find out what’s going to happen for certain.