A fiver for the Leicester replay, Foxy Megson, and no transfer activity!

I suppose it wasn’t surprising that we wouldn’t get to go to the Leicester replay for free – those of us present can take our ticket stubs down to the ticket office from tomorrow and get a ticket for £5 for the games (or £1 for concessions), I suppose £21 or £5 isn’t an outrageous amount for what will hopefully end up as 135 minutes of football. 

Speaking of our friends from down the A46, along with all the usual managerial-vacancy names that always get bandied around when a club of Leicester’s profile has a change of manager, the rumour-mill suggests that the perpetually-jobless-since-managing-us ginger warrior, Gary Megson, is a frontrunner to replace the outgoing Martin ‘Mad Dog’ Allen as the gaffer for the Foxes.

Whilst many of my contemporaries seem to delight in this, I don’t think he’d be that bad an appointment for them – he encountered one hell of a lot of issues he wouldn’t have anticipated here, and whilst he’s not beyond criticism, I do think he has kept back a lot of what went on behind the scenes here during his tenure.  Certainly him taking over would add a bit of spice to the cup replay if he was to be appointed.

There’s only a little over 24 hours left of the transfer window and to my knowledge we’ve yet to have any of the much-hinted-at-and-speculated-about incomings or outgoings.  Neil Danns has reiterated his desire to fight for a place at Birmingham after yet again being linked with a loan move, and many fans seem to be holding out for the arrival of David McGoldrick from Southampton on loan, with Dobie prophecised to be heading north of the border.

After so many transfer windows, and so much speculation, I’ve given up colluding in it – so I fully expect bugger all to happen (of course, in the sly hope that by posting this I’ll be made to look wrong, but then, have I shot myself in the foot by qualifying this?).  Since we’ve seen some decent performances in our two most recent halves of football, perhaps Smoulds’s plans are falling into place.

Certainly with the current availability of strikers we will need to think about cover for Agogo during the African Nations tournament, though.


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  1. Can you please tell me why we should pay again to watch the Leicester game, I paid £35 inc booking fee for two tickets…. The first game is history and will never be recorded in the record books. Why should we have to pay again??????? This stinks.

    I am going to ask for a £16 refund, £8 for each ticket, afterall I only watched one half of football.

    Another great PR excercise by NFFC.

    Why dont NFFC use that wonderful ticket system they have and send out duplicate tickets FOC to everyone who purchased tickets.

    Surely that isn’t too much to ask???

  2. I can’t tell you why, no – I was a bit disappointed too, but not surprised.

    The booking fee is a bit scandalous, I agree.

  3. Well we need the money for the next striker…

  4. According to the times, we have signed John Hartson on Loan, maybe this is why they need the extra cash?????

  5. The Times online quotes we have signed John Hartson. If this is true it would be an excellant signing and fire us out of this league.

  6. Don’t we already have a John Hartson in Grant Holt? Or is Hartson the new messiah?
    If we’re going down that route I’d rather see (and I can’t believe I’m saying this as I can’t stand the man) Dean Windass batter the opposition on our behalf.
    Good grief, from a club that has boasted the likes of Nigel Clough, King Trevor, Sheringham, Bryan Roy etc to John Hartson.
    Can’t we get Silenzi and Tommy Gaynor back??!

  7. We’re being charegd a fiver, I guess, because of the cost to the club of staging the game. If nothing else the bill (pardon the pun!) for policing will take some paying! Personally I appreciate the need to make a charge and don’t begrudge paying a fiver if we get more of the same on the pitch!

  8. Never should Tommy Gaynor be mentioned in the same breath as Andrea Silenzi. mattyboy, shame on you!

  9. Aye, s’how I feel, latenightpsycho. Although I don’t think Leicester will underestimate us quite so much this next time round, although I’ve read reports that Mandaric has deprioritised the Carling Cup in his push for promotion from the Championship, and what Milan says goes!

  10. Point taken.
    Sorry Tommy!

  11. Tommy Gaynor – what a player, can still picture him crossing for Webby to score at Wembley !
    If I remember correctly his nick name at the club used to be Zico ? though Tom always felt he had more skill than the brazilian !

  12. I thought the one and only Brian Rice was ‘Zico’!

  13. Brian Zico WAS Zico. Only Forest could play Curry and Rice in the same team….

    Thought Gaynor was “Tommy Try Hard”? – of course I could be mistaken!!

  14. He was a Cloughie favourite, was Tommy. As was Darren Wassall until he hurt his hand, poor thing! Mid-eighties was when I moved from the quiet of the Bridgeford Road to the mental of the Trent End. Nothing like it on earth, when Psycho used to lead out the team and stand in front of us, arms aloft.
    Mind you, I still get the buzz when the teams come out. Even though I have to put my cup of tea under the seat in order to stand and clap!

  15. Tommy was also a favourite of the landlord at the TBI!

  16. I thought I was the only one to remember Andrea Silenzi…. although I’ve tried to forget him!

    Here’ s a tough one for you all:
    Who is (was) worse, Scott Dobie or Robert Resario?

  17. Fox come in peace (!)
    Megson hasn’t even been mentioned on any of Leicester’s boards… Phew!!! I do agree with you, though, that he had to deal with problems with your club which go far beyond his reign, and the rot started a long time ago. I can remember Robert Rosario as well!
    The front runners seem to be Jewell, Roeder, Warnock and the Chelsea reserve coach Rodgers. Roeder and Warnock are hotly disliked by the Leicester faithful and they can’t all be wrong. I think if MM ever seriously considered either of those two he would have offered them the job in the summer. The rumours about Rodgers wouldn’t have surfaced unless he was a serious candidate.
    Personally I would stick my neck out over the muddy waters of the Trent and ask Stuart Pearce. A good motivator who also spent most of his career at the top level, and I think he got a bit of a raw deal at Man City. There is also another ex-Forest player doing a good job a bit further up the Trent who is overdue a step up.
    Whoever it is, the new man should be in place for the re-match on 18 September and the players ought to be up for it as they will want to impress him, so it should be quite a match.

  18. It should be interesting. Megson seems unlikely to me, given Mandaric’s ‘hands on’ approach to football club ownership.

    Nige or Psycho I’m sure would do a good job, I’d be surprised if either made that move though. Particularly Psycho since he’s full time on the England U21 team now.

    But yes, it does add some interest to the replay!

  19. Luffers – not tough at all – Dobie without a shadow. Roasio was not the goalscorer that BC made him out to be when he signed him as our saviour but his effort and commitment – and I’m thinking 93-4 season in particular here – could not be faulted. Dobie has yet to show the same in a Forest shirt as far as I’m concerned.

  20. Oh my word, Big Bad Bonking Bob Bob Bob Rosario-o-o-o!!!
    Can vividly remember Cloughie saying all week-when we were desperate for a goal-scorer- that he had something up his sleeve, something to excite us. And then he proudly linked arms with Bob and proclaimed him our saviour. Magic moment!
    Not the natural poacher we’d hoped for maybe, but he didn’t half try hard…never gave up the chase.
    As for Dobie, I thought he did well against Leeds. Too little too late tho, and tough luck with injuries.
    Laziest Forest player lucky enough to get picked every week? Ian Woan.

  21. thefoxcovert have you read psycho’s autobiography?he said if derby or leicester came in for him when he was playing he would rather go on the dole!hopefully this will stretch to management as well,THE MAN IS A TRUE FOREST GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Ian Woan’s a hero. True, he could have done with some competition for the shirt, but he was a good player. He would have scored more from free-kicks, too, if he’d dared to ask for the chance from Pearce, Clough, Metgod, etc, etc. The bloke behind me used to say, every week, “I wouldn’t pay him in washers!”, but then, he used to say the same about Nigel Clough, so it shows you what he knows!

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