A fiver for the Leicester replay, Foxy Megson, and no transfer activity!

I suppose it wasn’t surprising that we wouldn’t get to go to the Leicester replay for free – those of us present can take our ticket stubs down to the ticket office from tomorrow and get a ticket for £5 for the games (or £1 for concessions), I suppose £21 or £5 isn’t an outrageous amount for what will hopefully end up as 135 minutes of football. 

Speaking of our friends from down the A46, along with all the usual managerial-vacancy names that always get bandied around when a club of Leicester’s profile has a change of manager, the rumour-mill suggests that the perpetually-jobless-since-managing-us ginger warrior, Gary Megson, is a frontrunner to replace the outgoing Martin ‘Mad Dog’ Allen as the gaffer for the Foxes.

Whilst many of my contemporaries seem to delight in this, I don’t think he’d be that bad an appointment for them – he encountered one hell of a lot of issues he wouldn’t have anticipated here, and whilst he’s not beyond criticism, I do think he has kept back a lot of what went on behind the scenes here during his tenure.  Certainly him taking over would add a bit of spice to the cup replay if he was to be appointed.

There’s only a little over 24 hours left of the transfer window and to my knowledge we’ve yet to have any of the much-hinted-at-and-speculated-about incomings or outgoings.  Neil Danns has reiterated his desire to fight for a place at Birmingham after yet again being linked with a loan move, and many fans seem to be holding out for the arrival of David McGoldrick from Southampton on loan, with Dobie prophecised to be heading north of the border.

After so many transfer windows, and so much speculation, I’ve given up colluding in it – so I fully expect bugger all to happen (of course, in the sly hope that by posting this I’ll be made to look wrong, but then, have I shot myself in the foot by qualifying this?).  Since we’ve seen some decent performances in our two most recent halves of football, perhaps Smoulds’s plans are falling into place.

Certainly with the current availability of strikers we will need to think about cover for Agogo during the African Nations tournament, though.