Leicester game rescheduled, Clarke on the mend, post-match violence and rumours are rife..

Okay, most important things first, early indications suggest that Leicester City defender Clive Clarke is improving in hospital.  Leicester’s owner, Milan Mandaric, went to the press having visited the player at Nottingham’s Queen Medical Centre, describing him as “improving and quite comfortable” and stating the obvious priority for him to recover as well and as quickly as possible.

Certainly it’s a relief to hear he’s had no relapses after reportedly his heart stopped twice during a fraught half time last night at the City Ground, where the player underwent four bouts of treatment with a defibrillator from paramedics, who along with the Leicester City medical team have rightly been praised for their prompt action in treating the falling man so effectively.

The game has been rescheduled for 18th September, a Tuesday night, meaning Leicester have had to postpone their league encounter with Ipswich Town.  Forest have not revealed ticket arrangements as yet, but have urged supporters present last night to keep hold of their ticket stubs, it would be a bit rich if they expected those who were present on the night to pay again, afterall!

As the transfer window draws to a close in a couple of days, the rumour mill has reignited.  David McGoldrick from Southampton remains the most credible rumour after it’s reported he’d favour a loan move to the midlands for family reasons – with Dobie being popularly linked with a switch to “the other Smoulds” by heading back to his native Scotland to Aberdeen.  Of course, there are a few more fanciful rumours sweeping the forums, as ever!

In lesser news the clashes between Forest and Leicester supporters has unfortunately also made some headlines.  The police suggested around 300 Leicester supporters visited the City Ground intent on causing trouble, which doesn’t surprise me given the charming convoy I encountered being escorted to the ground before the game, but I imagine we had our fair share of meatheads out in force as well.

As ever, if you read a Leicester fan site or forum you’ll find scathing criticism of Forest fans committing acts of violence with no provocation nor retailiation forthcoming, on Forest fan sites and forums the opposite – as ever, I’m sure the truth lies somewhere in the middle, with both sets of fans containing a sizeable element intent on causing problems for the police force.  Let’s hope there’s less of that kind of nonsense on 18th.

In more breaking news, Leicester have parted company with manager Martin Allen today as well – with no immediate replacement lined up.  Which is a shame really, as he clearly didn’t have his side firing on all cylinders during play – so it would’ve done us a favour if he were still there.  Fingers crossed the new manager still picks Hendersen in goal for the return cup tie!  It’s amazing what the shame of being outplayed by Forest can achieve!!