Nottingham to be locked down for the arrival of Leeds..

I was quite surprised to read the rather draconian measures being imposed on Leeds United supporters heading to Nottingham on Saturday.  Certainly, I’m aware of an element of Leeds support, much like most large fanbases, have a reputation for causing mayhem – but even so, as well as the early kickoff (which to me just encourages folk to stick around for a few drinks after the game!).

But check out the rigamarole they have to go through to get hold of a ticket in the first place:

All tickets available to Leeds United fans had to be obtained by application from Nottingham Forest and the closing date for applications has now passed.

As a result it is now impossible for Leeds United fans to obtain a ticket for the match.

Those fans with tickets must have their membership number written on the ticket and also arrive with their membership cards and corresponding membership number.

Any Leeds United fans who are considering buying tickets for the Nottingham Forest home stands will be refused.

I dread to think what our normally unchallenged turnstile and ticket office staff will make of it if they do have to deal with an influx of fans attempting to get into the home areas – not to mention the complex task of checking membership cards against tickets – it seems very over the top to me, what with the pubs and bars around the ground being closed up too, it seems Nottingham is being locked down for the arrival of Leeds.

Given their great start to the season it should be a tense affair, with a much better atmosphere than we’re accustomed to of late – it will be a real test for Smoulds and the boys, and we’ll need to watch out late on when Leeds seem to have been scoring many of their goals – of course, a goal for us would be nice as well, I’m beginning to forget how to celebrate them!

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  1. FYI, leeds bring down their own stewards who form a pre-turnstile cordon at the away end for checking tickets and membership cards. This has been the standard procedure at all away Leeds matches for years. The ones manning the home turnstiles are the ones who will struggle…unless they know their “loves” from their “ducks”. From past experiece, where the local police/club take a stance that expects trouble, it usually comes as a result. Treat them like thugs and they will behave accordingly.

    Should be a cracking atmosphere and I’m look forward to it. One of the few “proper” grounds we will get to visit this season.

  2. absolutely pathetic, 3000 leeds fans causes Nottingham to shut down, however there were 24000 at home on Saturday and Leeds stayed fully open.

    OTT reactions from clueless police .

    Close the pubs and you’ll have people drinking booze on the streets and round the ground for the sake of a small minority of fans, probably no more than any other club has but because it’s leeds united, everyone gets on their high horse

  3. Gosh, you travelling Leeds folk clearly have to put up with a load of hassle… glad we don’t have that kind of nonsense.

    Here’s to a good game and no trouble.

  4. This is the kind of over kill that’s ruining football. Along with no standing, over pricing, crap transport, and early/ late or sunday kick-offs (oh and agents)… Just another thing in this country that is being completely destroyed…

  5. It’s not just a NFFC thing – it’s something that us Leeds fans who come to watch football have had to endure every away match for almost 15 years…it was easier to watch a Champions League Game than a Div 1 Match!

    My view re. this w/e’s match – probably a draw, but I think with a couple of further additions we’ll catch you about the 3rd w/e in Feb even if we don’t get the points back.

    Leeds for 40 years – Marching On Together to the City Ground.

  6. why will it take that long? Are you going to play dreary, soulless, defensive football too?!
    Forest fans, check out John Pembertons comments regarding the young french trialist….”he’s quick, technically decent, sharp….we play a different way to what he’s used to”.
    God help us!

  7. I think the reputation of leeds fan is over rated.the pitch invasion at the end of last season was uncalled for,but they are as passionate about the club as any fans in the world.there was no fighting on the pitch just sheer disapointment and bewilderment at how low we had gone.
    I think i can speak for 99%of leeds fan’s travelling to the city ground on saturday that we are looking for a top game from 2 of the greatset team’s(even though we are fallen giants at present) to grace the english game.
    the police will only make it worse for themselves by taking such serious measure’s to try and prevent trouble.

  8. Welcome to hell Leeds United. By hell I mean League One of course! Perhaps through all your troubles in recent years, you looked down the league table and consoled yourselves that you had not yet fallen as far as Nottingham Forest?!

    So enjoy the Bescott, the Withdean and especially the Priestfield Stadium. When you enter your 3rd season down here and despite being favourites again you can’t actually score a goal, then you’ll know what suffering really is!!!

  9. They will do anything to keep this club and it’s fans down!

    Hope we can go up together, tuff for us but we are LEEDS!!!

  10. Its ridiculous shutting Nottingham down for our arrival. We took similar numbers to Tranmere 2 weeks ago and nothing happened. It will cause Leeds fans to just stay after the game to drink and maybe celebrate a win.

    But anyway, good luck on Saturday Forest.

  11. a non story really…should be a good atmos despite our outrageously poor team

  12. Load of crap weve got to come 2 hours early,now we cant even ave a bevvy b4 game I so hope this backfires on the Notts coppers!Gits!

  13. Looking forward to a good game. I predict a close game, but a Leeds win! Like other people have said, I think the police are going a bit over the top, but there are a minority who are just out to cause trouble, so I can see why they are doing what they are. I just hope we can scrape the playoffs and get promoted that way, because I really am not looking forward to a trip down to Bournemouth on a rainy Saturday.

  14. i think its a good thing

    if you suspect trouble is about to break out, why not stop it before it heppens??

    this weekend, Milan are playing Genova … there were rumors gorups of fans were clashing, and so they came down to the decision not to sell milan fans any tickets 9as its a genova home game)

    so i think stuff like this is good

  15. I hope it is a good game. It would be nice to think that our two teams could show the rest of the division 3 teams what a good football match looks like. Trouble is, after last season, I’ve forgotten myself. Ah well. Good luck to Leeds for the season ahead – it would be some story to get promotion after the crap you’ve been through. I hope Forest remember what the white posts and string bags are for at each end of the pitch sometime soon – Saturday would be a good game to start scoring.

  16. […] Nottingham to be locked down for the arrival of Leeds.. [image]I was quite surprised to read the rather draconian measures being imposed on Leeds United supporters heading to […] […]

  17. Living in noose austrailia leedsfan should be a good game.leeds 3 forrest 1

  18. Eh, have all of you score predictors gone mad?

    Forest don’t concede goals!

    And we don’t score either. 0-0 (it’s obvious………..)

  19. I totally agree with Ben when he says:

    “Ben Says:
    August 22nd, 2007 at 1:18 pm
    This is the kind of over kill that’s ruining football. Along with no standing, over pricing, crap transport, and early/ late or sunday kick-offs (oh and agents)… Just another thing in this country that is being completely destroyed…”

    Its absolutely pathetic that football supporters are treated in this way. Has there been anything in the press about all the pubs being shut before the game?

  20. Hey nffc, I think nuff said about police measures, right? Why not opening a new topic on the young lads capturing our only silver in years plus Nathan returning? What do u reckon? All the best.

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