Nottingham to be locked down for the arrival of Leeds..

I was quite surprised to read the rather draconian measures being imposed on Leeds United supporters heading to Nottingham on Saturday.  Certainly, I’m aware of an element of Leeds support, much like most large fanbases, have a reputation for causing mayhem – but even so, as well as the early kickoff (which to me just encourages folk to stick around for a few drinks after the game!).

But check out the rigamarole they have to go through to get hold of a ticket in the first place:

All tickets available to Leeds United fans had to be obtained by application from Nottingham Forest and the closing date for applications has now passed.

As a result it is now impossible for Leeds United fans to obtain a ticket for the match.

Those fans with tickets must have their membership number written on the ticket and also arrive with their membership cards and corresponding membership number.

Any Leeds United fans who are considering buying tickets for the Nottingham Forest home stands will be refused.

I dread to think what our normally unchallenged turnstile and ticket office staff will make of it if they do have to deal with an influx of fans attempting to get into the home areas – not to mention the complex task of checking membership cards against tickets – it seems very over the top to me, what with the pubs and bars around the ground being closed up too, it seems Nottingham is being locked down for the arrival of Leeds.

Given their great start to the season it should be a tense affair, with a much better atmosphere than we’re accustomed to of late – it will be a real test for Smoulds and the boys, and we’ll need to watch out late on when Leeds seem to have been scoring many of their goals – of course, a goal for us would be nice as well, I’m beginning to forget how to celebrate them!