Get out of jail free card well and truly cashed in..

Swansea City – 0
Nottingham Forest – 0

Finally the travelling Forest fans got to see free-flowing, attacking and decisive football – unfortunately it was the Swans who provided it – whilst it could be argued a third consecutive goalless draw is a bad thing, but considering the performance of our hosts to suggest that we ‘got away with it’ would be the biggest understatement of the season.  In previous games it was our toothlessness upfront that lead to a 0-0 scoreline.

Today it was our resolute defending, goalkeeping, and certainly a huge slice of luck, that kept the scoreline level – which, whilst not glossing over our inadequacies going forward – does bring me pleasure.  To hear that Smith played a blinder and Wilson and Morgan played well in the middle is great news, afterall, you can’t lose if you don’t concede (yes, I know – you can’t win if you don’t score!), but with Agogo getting 90 minutes under his belt along with Grant, hopefully we will start to have more options going forward.

Swansea threw the kitchen sink, fridge, washing machine, cooker and dishwasher at Forest from the off, the dangerous Scotland creating the first chance for Robinson saved by Smith – not the first action the Forest ‘keeper would see today.  Robinson again brought a stunning save after his 25 yard shot looked destined for the top corner.  Bodde had the next chance, but dragged his shot wide, before Rangel unleashed a piledriver from an angle for Smith to save.

It took half an hour for Forest to forge a chance, Agogo volleying but blocked by a defender.  Grant couldn’t quite get a shot away shortly after before Monk slid in to claim th eball for Swansea.  It wasn’t to be long before the Swans were back on top, Lawrence played Scotland clean through and fortunately for us, he opted to blast it and miskicked, thus missing the target with undoubtedly the best chance of the game so far.

Similar to the Bournemouth game, Forest’s best chance came when Sammy Clingan drove the ball low from 25 yards, this time he was fully on target, unfortunately De Vries dived low to make an excellent save.  Half time came, and despite a couple of forays forward, Forest were very fortuante to still be level with their rampant hosts.

The second half started less frenetically, although Swansea soon started to gain the ascendancy again – Scotland hit the post from 10 yards, Pratley’s drilled cross across the danger zone could have been put in by Duffy, but for the attentions of Luke Chambers.  Shortly after this Kris Commons – who you might note has not been mentioned yet! – was withdrawn for the youngster Matt Thornhill.

Thornhill was quickly in the thick of it, combining with Junior Agogo to create a decent opportunity that didn’t quite end with a chance on goal.  Swansea got forward again and Bodde thought he’d converted a header only for it to hit Wilson – a contender for Forest man of the match – and then deflect onto the post.  Smith again kept us in it, saving a shot from Rangel with such ferocity that it knocked him over, however he was able to recover and get up to claim the loose ball.

Sinclair was a late addition for Agogo, but presumably purely to waste time as the youngster didn’t even get a touch.  If you read the stats, they’re misleading – Swansea had 5 shots on goal, we had 3, we had 50:50 possession, but then there’s the more believable ones – 11 shots off target for the Swans to our 5, 12 corners to our 5, and all in all, I think we should all be very happy with a point.

And so, another clean sheet – another blank drawn at the other end of the pitch.  It’s certainly not panic stations just yet, but it’s concerning nonetheless.  With Agogo and Grant getting a game under their belt (with Grant still limping a bit) it gives us more opportunities up front – we just desperately need our creative forces in midfield to start providing chances for them to tuck away, which will hopefully become more apparent when the likes of Davies and Cohen are back from injury.

All in all, I’d have taken a draw at kick off, so I’m happy with this result, if not with all aspects of the performance.


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  1. Ferrie Bodde was the best player on the field by a country mile. Lennon was very poor and had a tough time against Bodde. Holt is no where near match fit and I have to admit that Im glad we didnt sign him when Kenny “the hamster” Jackett was in charge.
    Your best player was easily your keeper. He earned his wages big time today. If we had played anyone else today, I think it could have been 3 or 4 quite easily. Our performances have been very good of late, but we havent got what we have deserved (Im not going to repeat that often quoted phrase!!)
    Anyhows, good luck for the rest of the season it was a good game but 2 points dropped for us Swans!

  2. if all i hear all week is calls for colins head then i am embarrassed to be a forest fan

  3. To be quite honest, CC did change things around in the second half, but went defensive to get a point as Swansea just kept coming forward. Its a new Swansea team that is gelling very quickly and I am proud that we performed well against a big club like Forest. The passing and running was sublime at times and a joy to watch. Quite soon I think we will really tear someone apart with an avalanche of goals. Hopefully Walsall next sat!!

  4. […] Get out of jail free card well and truly cashed in.. [image]Swansea City – 0 Nottingham Forest – 0 Finally the travelling Forest fans got to see free-flowing, attacking and […] […]

  5. we are dull and not worthy of the entrance ticket price at the mo

  6. Ah, the ******* midfielder (insert any First Division midfielder’s name here) totally outplayed Neil Lennon e-mail’s have started already. We will have to get used to this every week. Lennon’s work is often unseen (remember at Leicester it was always Izzet who took the plaudits) and the fact we are yet to concede a goal this season suggests he is doing his job perfectly adequately at the moment.

    What worries me rather more is our lack of attacking options – with Moloney (and then Perch) as well as Lennon in the side, we are frankly leaving the offensive options to only four players. Dull, negative and boring – all of the things we were promised we wouldn’t be this season. At the moment, the injury situation means we give CC the benefit of the doubt – however once they clear up…..

  7. Old on minute, all you fans saying we have injuries etc etc, wait till Tyson gets back…….

    Don’t you remember last season when we had all our players available we struggled big time.

    You Forest fans who say stick with CC want to get your heads out the clouds. I have backed him and the team for the last season and a bit and too be honest the way we play football is a complete joke.

    The best form of defence is attack, if you go into a game sitting back with no outlet then you are going to get hammered for 90 mins like we did yesterday.

    I am sick of paying hard earned cash to watch shite week in week out. I watched the championship on TV this morning and watched all these teams getting crosses in and creating chances, it is not hard so why don’t we do it, even Ian Taylor on Sky on Friday night preview programme said CC is very defensive minded. Surely Doughty you would have found this out before hiring him?

    Ok get a good defence but you aren’t going to win games with just a defence. CC get the f**k out of town now and bring back Charlie McParland and Frank Barlow, at least they tried to play attacking football, old on a minute didn’t we lose one in 13 when they were in charge and ripped teams apart……

    Let the attacking players play and let defenders defend. I watch Forest sometimes and I think CC will bring on another Goalie because that is how boring and negative the bloke is.

  8. Mr B, which attacking players would you play at the moment? Isn’t everyone injured?

  9. Yes JG everyone is injured, but the point is CC wont play the style of football Forest fans play good money to watch even with a fully fit squad.
    Last season I can honestly say i watched only 45 minutes of proper attacking football at the City Ground. That was against Charlton. I spent a fortune travelling the country watching my team struggle against the likes of Salisbury (twice) and Acc Stanley.
    I know on occassions we played well (Crewe away, Chesterfield and one or 2 more) but it isnt enough.
    I’m a realist. I know we aren’t Brazil. I understand the fact we are in the 3rd Division and I accept we are there on merit. What I fail to understand is why a club the size of ours was unable to attract a manager who could galvanise the supporters and players and drag us back up the divisions.
    Everybody at Northampton said he was negative. The pundits say he’s negative. We the supporters think he’s negative. Fuck me, just listen to his post-match interviews.
    Nah, he’s bought well this summer and still we’re shit. Let’s not forget that he spent 4 months last season telling us that we would catch City and Scunny because we had the best ‘group’ of players in the division. Well he’s added to that and we still cant score!!God help us on saturday!

    Rant over. Come on you reds!

  10. Mattyboy, I am very much undecided about CC, given the amount of injuries we have. But I think I know the answer to your question ‘why a club the size of ours was unable to attract a manager who could galvanise the supporters and players and drag us back up the divisions ?’ – because most of those managers, knowing how bloody fickle some sections of Forest supporters are and how quickly they turn on you, for would not touch us with a barge pole.
    It would have been interesting to see how those fans would have reacted to a few poor games under ‘Charlie & Frank’ ? I know we had a great run under those two but I wonder how much of that was down to throwing of the Megson shackles ?

  11. Yes Paul, you’re right about us being fickle fans. But we’re no different to any other fans in the country in that respect. One thing I’d never do however is boo the team. My frustrations manifest themselves in the form of this forum (thank you, nffc!).
    I just want to be entertained on a saturday afternoon.
    Maybe my mood will lighten after we’ve spanked Leeds on Saturday!

  12. The problem we have though is that we have now created (for various reasons)a revolving door on the managers office, and it does worry me that the Forest ‘hot seat’is becoming less attractive to potential managers.

  13. Nice response Mattyboy, but after the decent summer signings I am hoping that things will change! (Which maybe a bit hopeful of me!)

    Maybe i’ll be signing a different tune by October!

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