Colin Fray, that was rubbish, wasn’t it?

Chester City – 0
Nottingham Forest – 0 (AET)
Forest win 4-2 on penalties

Robin Chipperfield called it at half time really, with the words in the title.  Another disappointing performance from the Reds.  The first half was, by all accounts, best forgotten.  The second not much better – Agogo and Thornhill were introduced as substitutes and this livened things up a bit – onside Thornhill’s goalbound shot was flicked in by an offside Agogo, and Grant Holt missed a penalty – blasting straight at the keeper – that he won.  Gosh, will we never score?

And so into extra time we go – which is at least an improvement on our last visit to Chester a couple of seasons back.  Agogo rounds the keeper after great work from Commons, only for his shot to be cleared off the line.  The remainder of extra time passed by without much meaningful incident, Sinclair came on for the disappointing Grant Holt who appeared to be booed off – unclear whether t’was Forest or Chester fans, though.  Second period of extra time Clingan has a chance that ricochets all over the place and goes for a corner.

On the plus side, it’s clear Agogo has made an impact on the game, and is hopefully building up his fitness as he’s going to be essential in our forthcoming league games, and Thornhill too sounded like he had a positive performance too, but of course, it was destined to go to penalties.  Amazingly we didn’t miss one, Clingan, Agogo, Commons and Sinclair all burying confident penalties, a saved by Paul Smith from Roberts (well, okay, it was straight at him), and a miss from Yeo gives Forest a win they probably did deserve on balance of play.

Since I’ve not had much of interest to write about the match, I shall remember my last trip to the place, to watch us slump 3-0 to us in a game were David Johnson allegedly told one of their defenders they were playing badly deliberately to get Megson sacked.  That cheered me up after a long journey to the border of North Wales!

Anyway, the most interesting things of that game were twofold.  During the game over to the left of the away end we spotted what can only be described as a stampede of cattle sweeping majestically down the nearby countryside.  This provided a welcome break from the awful display on the pitch for all of a couple of minutes.  It also provided a talking point that distracted us from the eleven men wandering aimlessly around the pitch in Forest shirts.

The other interesting moment came after the game, a group of around 6 of us were wandering back into the centre of Chester where we’d left our cars, en route in a dodgy looking area we were approached by two local scallies, who called ‘oi, nuggets’ over the road at us, before unbelievably offering us out for a bit of a scrap.  Being pacifists we ignored them, and eventually after much shouting of ‘nuggets!’ at us, they relented and went back to sitting outside a pub, presumably awaiting a can of Apollo pop and a bag of crisps from their old man.

This memory, and the godawful game I’ve just listened to, makes me feel vindicated in not attending this evening.  It also makes me feel incredibly sorry for those few hundred Trickies who made the thankless journey up North to see a win, okay, but a rather poor one.  Perhaps one of you might feel more inclined to comment more meaningfully on the game than I’ve been able to muster in my nostalgic frame of mind.  On a positive note though, we actually won a penalty shoot out!  And well done to Emile Sinclair for netting the decisive spotkick on his competitive debut.

And to those chavs who accosted us – welcome to the revenge of the nuggets! 😆