Forest-inspired music: part sixteen

I’m belligerently determined to finish this series of mostly godawful music that Nottingham Forest have inspired through the years – and this latest one, the first I’ve posted since May, is inspired by perhaps the most inspirational figure we’ve known as fans since a certain green-sweatshirted manager.

Ladies and gentlemen, I refer of course to former Forest and England captain, current England U21 coach, Stuart Pearce.  It’s by a band called ‘The Merry Men’ and is entitled ‘Psycho’.  Sadly it doesn’t resonate with punklike sounds that you would hope that a character like Pearcey would inspire, no, we have a rather tame offering here!

My favourite cheesy line is “He’s the Forest number three, number one to you and me!…”.  Really that probably sums up the whole song, but it’s all good fun nonetheless!!

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