Forest-inspired music: part sixteen

I’m belligerently determined to finish this series of mostly godawful music that Nottingham Forest have inspired through the years – and this latest one, the first I’ve posted since May, is inspired by perhaps the most inspirational figure we’ve known as fans since a certain green-sweatshirted manager.

Ladies and gentlemen, I refer of course to former Forest and England captain, current England U21 coach, Stuart Pearce.  It’s by a band called ‘The Merry Men’ and is entitled ‘Psycho’.  Sadly it doesn’t resonate with punklike sounds that you would hope that a character like Pearcey would inspire, no, we have a rather tame offering here!

My favourite cheesy line is “He’s the Forest number three, number one to you and me!…”.  Really that probably sums up the whole song, but it’s all good fun nonetheless!!


Cometh the hour…

I read the LTLF forum periodically, and found this thread – and I like the idea.  We are all well aware of our striking problems thanks to a few ill-timed injuries.  We are also very aware of our our shortcomings as supporters – we can be impatient, and very quick to dismiss the abilities of certain players.  Scott Dobie has certainly been a victim of this before.

And if we think about it, it’s not really fair to judge him too harshly – he’s been almost perpetually injured during his time with us.  So we’ve never really seen enough of him to be able to accurately gauge his usefulness, or lack of.  Certainly we know he’s a tryer, we know he’s got some pace – and frankly, and would like this to be considered a campaign for the fans to give Scott (and the rest of the team, for that matter!) a huge amount of support for the start of the season.

He’s desperate to succeed, and despite some of our cynicism, we would all be thrilled if he disproved our expectations and started banging in the goals – so let’s suspend our disbelief for a few games and send an unprecidented wave of good vibes over the City Ground and see if we can reap the rewards of a few goals.  Only three more sleeps ’til the big kick off!  Can’t wait!