Dobie Dobie Dobie Dobie Dobie.. aaaah aah aaah aah aaah aaaah!

… do ya, do ya, do ya, do ya, do ya, do ya?  Think you can fire the goals for Forest?  Hmm, perhaps this proves the Kaiser Chiefs are more able lyricists than I am (it was supposed to be an alternative to the lyrics of ‘Ruby,’ you see!).  But anyway, with many of us fretting at Scott’s status as our only fit senior striker, Gareth send me a mail to give us some hope.

Check this link out.  Okay, so it’s almost seven years old – but you have to take your hope where you can get it!  With only five days to the big kick off against Bournemouth I must confess I’m getting that tinge of excitement mixed with trepidation that a new season never fails to bring.  My optimism has taken a knock with the influx of injuries, but I can’t wait for the season to start!

Also courtesy of Gareth was a link to this Mugshot page, which is kind of a combination of a community type website, and a news feed – where folks can share interesting Forest-related stories or snippets as they see fit, as well as picking up the latest news from numerous sources.  So check it out and join up should it float your boat!