A campaign to save Sherwood the Bear?

I can’t say the news of Sherwood the Bear’s ‘retirement’ had any particular impact on me, to be honest, I could quite happily carry on supporting Forest sans a mascot.  But this clearly is an issue dearer to the hearts of other fans, and I suppose those who take their kids in particular may have more to say about it than I would regardless (although, I must confess to ‘meeting’ the bear once when I was down on the lower tier one game – so maybe I’m supressing something).

Rish over at a fellow blog site has taken up the campaign in earnest – he was even on Radio Nottingham this morning who have picked up the campaign.  Whilst I’m not bothered about Sherwood, I do resent the idea of a man prancing around in a Robin Hood costume, presumably featuring tights etc, to try to provide that much needed entertainment for the kids.  It’s just a bit creepy, isn’t it?

Also the decision to do this appears to have happened without any consultation with the supporters – for whose benefit the mascot is present anyway – so that is a bit remiss.  So should you harbour similar fondness for the big daft bear and his fairly limited goalkeeping skills, then feel free to pop along to the Nottingham Forest blog and register your disapproval.  And if you’re reading, powers-that-be, at least reconsider a sinister man in tights cavorting with the young Reds fans.