Caught in the press!

Normally I don’t inhabit places cool enough to pick up copies of The Left Lion magazine, but I just happened upon issue 18 abandoned in a bar, and upon flicking through was pleasantly surprised to find some of my own work in there!  Many of you are probably aware I’ve appeared on the website a few times, but a season preview along with my Notts County supporting counterpart graces page 9 of the latest issue – as yet this isn’t available digitally on the website – so look out for it!

But no sooner did I want to gloat about my moment in print, it turns out I’ve been well and truly trumped by none other than Neil Lennon – who made it on to the front page of a national tabloid after getting spotted giving his mistress a good servicing by smokers outside a Beefeater in Lanark-shire!  The midfielder headed over to see her after our friendly game with Kilmarnock – all in all, quite an amusing way for Forest to return to the domain of the front page of national papers!

Aside from that, you might have noticed my general indifferent to preseason games.  Whilst forums are still reasonably rife with talk and concerns over lack of goals, to be honest, I’m just impatiently waiting for the season to start.  Although apparently there is a bit of interest – driving past Lego Lane on the way home tonight I saw plenty of Forest-clad fans heading to the friendly tonight between our reserves and Notts County, and of course, tomorrow marks the first contest for ‘the Brian Clough trophy’ at Pride Park.  Another game I won’t be attending – although with both tonight’s and tomorrow’s game being covered by Radio Nottingham, I might well listen to them.

The only other real Forest news of note was the potential injury to Arron Davies, which thankfully turned out to be much less serious than first feared.  Which brings me on to the ongoing saga at Leeds.  I don’t profess to be a financial expert, but that whole situation absolutely stinks, and it remains unclear whether or not Dirty Leeds will even be able to fulfil their league fixtures!  A brilliant summary of the situation appeared on fellow Forest blogger’s site I Love 1865 – can’t really argue with his conclusions, if anything he’s a little more sympathetic than I am!

Oh, and Forest have decided to do away with Sherwood the Bear and replace him with a camp man dressed in tights, which I must admit to a tinge of sadness about.  Whilst I never really understood the relevance of a bear as our mascot, he was quite endearing – and a man in tights leaves us open to rather more ridicule – but well, I’m not sure that this quite justifies the campaigns to save him that have sprung up after the news was launched!

Finding the Sherwood link also reminds me that Forest have created a new layout to make their website even more difficult to navigate – an impressive achievement! – and perhaps an apt one to mark its tenth birthday!


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