Collymore: “I’m flattered, but there’ll be no comeback”

It’s not often you hear stories of ex footballers logging onto a fan’s forum to thank them for their petition but respectfully decline the opportunity to attempt a dramatic comeback.  Of course, this is notwithstanding that Smoulds and co. would also need to be involved at some point.  But gleeful fans were treated to a few posts and a visit to the on-site chatroom by none other than Stan Collymore tonight – so from the horses mouth, he won’t be entertaining seeking a trial.

I’m a regular browser of LTLF’s forum and as such you get a feel for the different members – so whilst there will of course always be doubt over the genuine nature of the registration, ‘Stan’ seems to have done enough to convince a few posters there who are usually reliable that he was the real McCoy.  All in all, I suppose it’s about the best outcome – the folks who baulked at the idea of his return (which was at least 50% of my reaction!) can be appeased, those who campaigned might have not succeeded in their aim, but did at least get to interact with the man himself.

This is the message he posted, presumably in response to a message some members had sent to him via MySpace:

Hi Everyone,

I thought it better to reply on LTLF rather than via Myspace(where ive had some lovely messages,thanks).

I’m really flattered by the messages i’ve received through Myspace,and i’m glad that my time at Forest was remembered by so many Trickies!

The petition that was started i’m sure is well intentioned,and has it’s roots in wanting to see Forest get back to where we all believe they belong,which is back at the pinacle of the Premiership,contending the major trophies

It’s true to say that i trained last year with a view to playing again but to be honest,after reading some of the more moronic tabloid caricatures,and sneering that took place in the following days,i decided that spending time with my family,kids,and enjoying my life as best as possible was a little bit more appealing than confronting Bob the fat pieman at any given stadium taking abuse about(chose as appropriate),dogging,mental health issues,Ulrika Jonsson etc etc.

So again,many thanks to the guys on the forum who started this thread.I do post on here occasionally with my other addy(all positive i may add),as i love to know whats going on around the club from a different perspective,and genuinely hope like everyone on here that it won’t be too long before a 30 goal a season striker not only is getting Forest out of this division but is wearing the Garribaldi red and doing the same in the Prem..

It just wont be me!!

All the very best

Stan Collymore

Nottingham Forest FC 1993-1995,50 goals-78 games

Whilst I never thought it a good idea, I must admit to a tinge of disappointment – you just know that had something like this happened it would either have been like a car crash or the best thing to happen for a long time – and in either eventuality it would take a strong willed person not to have a quick look out of curiosity.  But still, that’s at least that over and done with – although it was certainly amongst the more interesting rumours (well, not really a rumour, a story I suppose) doing the rounds.

The thread on LTLF with the details can be read here.


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  1. I’d like to say that he has convinced us that it was him because he answered some very obscure questions including a question about a name of a person he recently spoke to in america

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