Blackpool up, Derby preparing for kickoff, and hibernation..

Well firstly congratulations should go to Blackpool, who overcame our defeaters Yeovil at Wembley yesterday.  I know a few of you awoke with a pang of “what might have been”, for me I’d planned plenty of tasks to fill the weekened I had tentatively set aside and so plum forgot where I might have been had results and performances been different!  Commiserations to Yeovil, I must admit since our encounter, despite the pain, developed a bit of a soft spot for the Glovers.

I had remembered, thanks to a friend’s text from London, that the molesters of farmyard staples are currently ensconced within the national stadium.  As such, after submitting this story I’ll be retreating offline with a book somewhere – I’ve no desire to see it, and if I was sat online I’d only end up tracking the game progress.  I heard Graham Poll was refereeing so hopefully his inevitable idiocy and buffoonery will be at Derby rather than West Brom’s expense – although I must admit giving our own failure to attain promotion there’s not so much at stake today really.

And finally hibernation – that’s the state this site will probably find itself over the close season.  Of course, should any significant news stories break then I’ll be commenting upon them, but frankly I can’t be arsed to try to keep track of the numerous rumours and stories that will surface over coming days, weeks and months – so if I hear anything I believe, or if there is news confirmed then I’ll update – otherwise there’ll be very little going on around here – I might break out the remainder of the ‘Forest-inspired music’ series… or perhaps not! 😆


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  1. Amazingly the Baggies are favourites with the bookies to win today – which is odd to me given Derby’s far superior points tally in the League. Still form wise I guess WBA have the edge.

    I shall only switch on if the SheepShaggers are losing with 5 mins to – just to see the despair and desperation on the faces of their poor deluded fans…….and yes, before you ask, I did pull the wings off flies as a kid!

  2. Oh my… Who’s gonna put up with their bragging now…
    Nffc, better concentrate in the email I sent you… JMcG was here!

  3. And this from David Pleat according to the BBC . . . and to think (1) I went to school with him and (2) HE IS SUPPOSED TO BE a Forest employee:-

    “And I’m delighted because Derby is a town of great football tradition with great players like the Hectors, McFarlands, Todds, Dave Mackay… and now all the supporters will be talking about recreating those times.”

    Well maybe he’s angling for a job there.

  4. I’m sure the Rams will snap him up after all the sterling work he’s been doing for us!… oh…

  5. What an awful season.

    I’m taking up bowls.

  6. yeah I heard Pleat too, couldn’t believe it

  7. Thanks for your site,enjoy your break ,and hopefully forest will get their act together for next year or we will lose supporters who want to see good teams in the area and might go to see rams opponants instead.,,,,

  8. Bollocks. What a shite end to a shite season.
    See you all in August!

  9. It’s here:

    Billy Davies is a football fanatic, a little man with a big heart and I’m delighted for him Derby went up.

    I signed him from St Mirren for Leicester City and he is a terrific man who took over Derby at a low ebb.

    He has changed so many players – only a few have survived the cull – and the club has flourished.

    Darren Moore was a tower of strength the whole game through

    But I’m also delighted for Derby, who finished eight points clear of West Brom in the table.

    Although these play-offs are an exciting, money-making idea, they are nerve-wracking and you like to see the team finishing third finally emerge because they’ve done it over the course of the season.

    And I’m delighted because Derby is a town of great football tradition with great players like the Hectors, McFarlands, Todds, Dave Mackay… and now all the supporters will be talking about recreating those times.

    There was unbelievable tension at the end as they inched closer to the Premiership, but they survived.

    They survived the first half when West Brom were the smoother side, the dominant side, and they survived Albion’s frenetic attacks at the end.

    By then Tony Mowbray had made changes designed to make his side more attack conscious, but I felt one or two changes didn’t benefit them, with Jason Koumas coming inside and Diomansy Kamara going out wide.

    But Derby kept at it the whole match, their game plan worked and they allowed West Brom few chances.

    Barnes was an inspired substitution and was almost immediately involved as Derby scored that crucial goal.

    He made a terrific run behind Paul Robinson to play in Stephen Pearson and from that moment on Derby grew in stature, grew in heart and became a team.

    Billy needs to keep the spirit, coach well and add frugally

    Some of their players were excellent, particularly in defence where Dean Leacock was superb and Moore was a tower of strength the whole game through.

    They had stickability, a lot of determination, drive and team spirit.

    However they will need to make changes over the summer, as will Sunderland and Birmingham.

    Every team that goes up knows there is a gulf to bridge, but Billy has good contacts, has his ear to the ground, is not frightened to pick up the phone and ask advice and he will find players to better his side.

    Although he needs to be wary and he needs to look at what Steve Coppell’s done with Reading.

    He needs to keep the spirit, coach well and add frugally and be as single-minded, honest and straightforward as he has been so far.

    Just like Sunderland and Birmingham, Billy and Derby need to aim to survive the first year in the Premiership, and those first few months can help give them self belief.

    It will be difficult for all of them.

  10. Pleat out!

  11. Lol, it makes you sick – 20 years ago Derby were in the 3rd Division and Forest were in the 1st, now look where we are – it’s a role reversal of the crappiest proportions!

    I don’t think this club’s ever been at such a low ebb. 😦

    It’s so bad I’m thinking of getting a season ticket for the sheep next year, just to see some decent football for a change – it’ll probably be cheaper as well.

    As Blur once sang “This is a low”.

  12. wash your mouth out

  13. Ha, Adamski. I dont believe you’ll see decent football at Derby next year. They’re worse than Watford!
    Problem is (for us anyway) they have a manager who can motivate shit players and turn them into good ones.
    Something we need right now.

  14. I’m disgusted that the nation has to endure the frolics of these iq challenged knuckle draggers, that said the highlight next season will be watching Derby humiliated week in week out. Attempting to get a lucky 1-0 wont work in the prem. So good luck sheep you will need it! As for us tormented reds..i dont give a toss. I will not be renewing my season ticket regardless. I will not pay to watch defensive negative football no matter who is manager. Forest attendances will plummet next season and this will be sufficient to see Doughty oust Mark Arthurs and David Pleat. Always red but refuse to be taken as a joke by the club anymore. The fans to buy a 50% share asap!

  15. well played nffcblogger, been following this all season; my only true way of updating from cambridge backwaters

  16. Macparland,Our one hope of someone to persuade calderwood to play attacking football has walked out.WHY??????? He is the one most fans would prefer as manager.Why cant calderwood leave now…..PLEASE

  17. C’mon you RAMS…..

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