Blackpool up, Derby preparing for kickoff, and hibernation..

Well firstly congratulations should go to Blackpool, who overcame our defeaters Yeovil at Wembley yesterday.  I know a few of you awoke with a pang of “what might have been”, for me I’d planned plenty of tasks to fill the weekened I had tentatively set aside and so plum forgot where I might have been had results and performances been different!  Commiserations to Yeovil, I must admit since our encounter, despite the pain, developed a bit of a soft spot for the Glovers.

I had remembered, thanks to a friend’s text from London, that the molesters of farmyard staples are currently ensconced within the national stadium.  As such, after submitting this story I’ll be retreating offline with a book somewhere – I’ve no desire to see it, and if I was sat online I’d only end up tracking the game progress.  I heard Graham Poll was refereeing so hopefully his inevitable idiocy and buffoonery will be at Derby rather than West Brom’s expense – although I must admit giving our own failure to attain promotion there’s not so much at stake today really.

And finally hibernation – that’s the state this site will probably find itself over the close season.  Of course, should any significant news stories break then I’ll be commenting upon them, but frankly I can’t be arsed to try to keep track of the numerous rumours and stories that will surface over coming days, weeks and months – so if I hear anything I believe, or if there is news confirmed then I’ll update – otherwise there’ll be very little going on around here – I might break out the remainder of the ‘Forest-inspired music’ series… or perhaps not! 😆