Another Holt exit taken for Granted?


No sooner has Gary Holt been released, it emerges today that top scorer and player of the year Grant Holt could be heading in the same direction – although in this case obviously he would command a fee.  It’s been a bitter-sweet season for Grant, he was often dropped or substituted by Smoulds, and even nearly sold at one point, but has probably – thanks to injuries to other strikers – made most appearances up front this season for Forest.

I’m a big fan of Grant.  He’s a bustling and niggly ‘old fashioned’ striker and he’s delivered the goods in a difficult season with practically bugger all service for large periods when we seemed to not have a midfield.  However, and there’s always a however, one thing I would hold against him is his attitude on the pitch – particularly towards the match officials, he really needs to nip that in the bud in my opinion.

My gut instinct suggests that Smoulds is prepared to let him leave, and I suspect Grant will take up the offer as I don’t think the manager will offer him the assurances he seeks about his future with the club.  Carlisle are reportedly ready to make another move for him, and I imagine the move would appeal to Holt assuming they can meet his wage demands – since it’s the area where he’s from.

One thing massively in his favour was his decision not to leave for Bristol City earlier in the season – he could have gone, Forest were ready to sanction it, but he stayed and fought for his place in the side, and even now despite uncertainty clouding his Forest future, he doesn’t claim to regret that decision.  It’s understandable he’s built a solid relationship with the fans, and I’m sure like me most would be sad to see him leave – particularly if, as is a very realistic fear, he is not replaced with quality.

If you are to move on, Grant – then thank you sincerely for your hard work and effort, we’ve had some good moments to celebrate with Grant in a relatively short time with the club.  And if he is to move on Smoulds, I hope you’re not expecting Dobie to weigh in with the same number of goals next season in his place.