Forest-inspired music: part fifteen

I feel robbed and cheated of what was supposed to be the crowning glory of this particular avenue of blog posts.  This was the triumphant song that I was going to post to aid our celebrating the build up of a trip to Wembley, as such, it is now posted with bitterness and disappointment given that we managed to implode and miss out on such an opportunity.

It’s by a band who are still active, I believe – called Resistance 77 – and was recorded to commemorate our Littlewoods Cup final appearance in 1990, partially suggested by Stuart Pearce who being a bit of a punk himself had been to a few gigs by the band.  The single sold around 2,000 copies apparently, which is pretty impressive given the probably limited market for Forest-inspired punk music at the start of the 90’s!

It makes frequent mentions of the current team of the time, as well as regular returns to the theme of Wembley, which of course was the venue for said final.  It’s undoubtedly cheesy, because all football songs are, but I really like it nonetheless.  Certainly it epitomises the time when I personally fell in love with Forest and I suppose if I had to have an ‘our song’ for me and Nottingham Forest, then this would be it.  It’s simply called You Reds!, and it rocks!

Is Krissy on his way?

Word on the street (well, okay, words on the forums) and indeed in the gutter press are starting to hint that the ‘significant offer’ we made to Kris Commons is not sufficient to keep the midfielder with us next season.  Now, it’s worth noting at this point, that just as Gillingham have recently with Matty Jarvis, it’s important Forest show a strong intention to keep the player as if he goes on a ‘free’, we are still entitled to compensation due to his age.  Not that it will be a great deal.

There’s a myriad of clubs interested in him, Birmingham and Palace have been linked before, whether or not Kris will cut the mustard in the Premiership is questionable, given his inconsistency at this level – but certainly when properly motivated he could easily thrive in the Championship.  Here both Burnley and Stoke are apparently interested – which is interesting, considering he came to us from Stoke in the first place!

Kris is undoubtedly a talent, and will pull goals out of the top drawer fairly regularly as well as occasionally delivering a deadly set piece, but over the course of the season he’s proven more of a luxury than a necessity.  He is injury prone, he is inconsistent and he often looks slightly over-weight.  Whilst I would most certainly be sorry to see him leave, I don’t think it would be a disaster (assuming this time Smoulds actually acquires a replacement!).

Mark Arthur is quoted in today’s Post as saying that Forest have now made an improved and final offer to him, but all the signs suggest it won’t be enough for him and he’ll be off.  If so, good luck Kris, it’s occasionally been a pleasure to watch you over the last few seasons – and more frequently been a frustration, but it would be a shame for you to let your talent go to waste.