Simple question – will you renew?

Okay folks, necks on the block line – I’m interested in gauging the state of play amongst season ticket holders at the moment.  If there was no change to the current management personnel (either Smoulds or at Arthur/Doughty’s level) are you planning on renewing your season ticket?  I’m going to be kind – assume there is no price increase (although I fear there will be), but no reduction either.

I will be renewing mine, reluctantly, because frankly I can’t imagine not going down to watch Forest whenever possible, even after yet another dreadful season of dross.  I’d love to gather your comments, if you have made a decision not to renew, then let me know what it would take for you to reconsider (realistically), and what factors have finally ‘broken’ you – you never know, the club might be reading, if there are enough responses I’ll send them to the club anyway.

My biggest problem with the club at the moment is the practically non-existant relationship that seems to exist between them and the fans.  To them we seem walking wallets who are an inconvenience on matchdays (judging by how their ‘security’ staff behave toward us).  It certainly is time they understood our issues with them, although you would hope that years of disappointment might have made them do so before now..


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  1. I see some are calling for a boycott next season, a ‘vote with your feet’. What good will that do? Don’t insult me with the question. “If you’re loyal you’re loyal, if you’re not you’re not”.

  2. Firstly – this has been a fantastic site over the season and I hope you continue into the next season. As for renewing – I’m not. I’ll catch the odd game down here in the south east but to travel up from London to watch this? No thanks – its costing a fortune and what do we get? I’d be more inclined if the club were to come out and actually say something meaningful – all we get is spin.

  3. If they were to cut the price (even by a fiver) I would renew without hesitation. It’s not the amount that matters – it’s the gesture.

    But, of course, they won’t.

    Price stays the same – probably renew (reluctantly). Price goes up by a bit – may renew (very reluctantly). Price goes up by a lot – piss off MA.

    Also worth noting that with their 14% increase, you can get a season ticket at Man U (the Champions of England) for £475. How much does it cost for one in the Third Division?

  4. No, sorry!! Perhaps someone should inform Forest that money really doesn’t grow on trees. I paid £407 for my ticket this year (£17.70 a game) and then they go and start charging £10 for some games!! Where’s the loyalty to the bread and butter? What do we get from having a season ticket?

    As far as I can see we pay over the odds to watch a 3rd division football team who care very little about the fans and all we get is a letter and some raffle tickets once a season. I will always support them (I can’t afford to have my tattoos removed) but I won’t keep blindly funding them until they start to show a commitment to us either on or off the pitch because as at the moment we get nothing back!!

  5. Sorry latenightpsycho, but you cant bully me into shelling out for 5 season tickets again next season by suggesting that would be disloyal.
    I have had some great times at Forest over the 32 years I have been going, home and away, but the time has come to say enough is enough. Next season I will pick and choose my home games based on time and money, if anything i will go to more away.
    The way the supporters of this fine club have been treated in recent seasons has been nothing short of disgraceful. We have been shown a lack of respect (as customers) by Mark Arthur and I do not feel the level of committment from the manager and certain players matches that of my own.

    So in response to the question, no, i’m sorry but the Club do not deserve my money in July.

  6. Come on guys, stop being so fickal. We were 3 minutes away from Wembley, and there not a major amount to do to make get Automatic for next session. If some people do vote with there feet, maybe the City Ground would be a more positive place!

  7. Absolutely no way I’ll have a season ticket next year. I’m still angry that they promised (in writing – letter sent to all season ticket holders) to hold the prices last year but then increased them by circa 10% – a blatant lie that has never been answered, never mind justified!

    No doubt the price will go up again this year, so I hope that the majority of people don’t renew – this is the only way we can change things as fans, so don’t renew and then moan, vote with your pocket and feet….money talks!

    LateNightPsycho – you may be loyal and I may be disloyal (in your eyes, that is), but one thing I’m not is a fool, but sadly that is what the club is taking all of us for! The players, management, etc all earn a fortune regardless of their performance, but I’m not going to contribute at the same level any more, I’m with AD and MattyBoy on this one – I’ll pick and choose the fixtures to suit me, not the other way round!

  8. I think I will do (very reluctantly), however as stated above, if the board take the piss by raising prices I might well reconsider.

    Over the last 10 years there have been some terrible mistakes made by Forest, and sadly, although i’m still proud, it is becoming embarassing to support them.

    I will continue following in the hope that one day we will return to some sort of a sucsessful team, and I can say that when we were shit my support counted for something and helped pull them through.

  9. Of course I’ll renew. Forest aren’t of much interest as a football club these days but what a soap opera. We’ll go into next season with pretty much the same bunch of players. They’ll be no better, but even older. The crowd will be on their backs from the word go. If we lose the first two or three at home, things will get really intriguing. Will Calderwood will go the way of Platt and Megson ? Will Doughty and Arthur withstand the pressure better than Scholar and Soar ? I want a front seat.

  10. Similar situation to “Crack”, I live in S.E. and pay paltry sum for dubious pleasure of Radio Nottm commentary on the web for when I can’t get to City Ground or S.E. away matches. On Friday night I was determined to not even pay for that renewal yet I know I will by August. I’ve supported the team – sorry, that should read “supported the CLUB” – for 50+ years and I suppose that’ll never change til death do us part.

    Don’t give up on your website, it’s always selected first from my favourites folder of “NFFC” !

    As for Calderwood, as long as he learns and corrects then there’s some hope. It’s managers who aren’t prepared to learn and adapt that are the problem. It’s CC’s inability to create team cohesion and spirit which is the worry though as I believe that’s a quality which is instinctive.

  11. I would love to renew but I can’t justify it anymore. I don’t enjoy it anymore and that is saying something after being a season ticket holder for 15 years.

    It is not about being loyal, how bloody loyal do we have to be. I have watched enough crap to last me a lifetime. Spent a fortune and for what???? Until this club starts moving in the right direction and playing good football I will not be going.

    I will listen to the radio on a saturday instead, that way it won’t cost me a penny, saying that watching the scores come up on teletext is more entertaining.

  12. Yes I will be renewing. I can’t imagine not turning up next season. Nottingham Forest is not – despite what they would have you believe – the Chairman, Chief Executive, Manager and playing staff… it’s us, the people who shell out our hard earned week-in and week-out, without us the rest simply wouldn’t be involved.

    I was standing in the Bridgford end years before any of the current staff were in place, and I’ll still be turning up long after they have moved on. It’s more than entertainment (or lack of) it’s a way of life and means more to me than I feel comfortable admitting.

  13. Ask me at this moment and I’d say no, in a month maybe, when I’ve had a summer without football and Saturdays shopping with the wife I will renew….the big difference to me will be whether I do it on the last day with the opinion that I may miss out and regret giving up my seat and not seeing the freinds I’ve made over the 9 years I have been sat where I am at the moment, or I renew as soon as the pack arrives because we have new plyers and a real drive from the club to forge ahead.

    Thankfully the money is not the issue so its down to how I feel, but if cash were tight then I am afraid the outcome might be different.

    The Club and MA needs to understand that as a supporter you need to be sold the product (Football) to do nothing but expect the fans to keep coming then it may all go wrong for the business…..we need to feel wanted, and be given somthing that makes you want to go to a game, when you wake up in the morning you think about 3 oclock not drag yourself to the groung because you ought to.

    This starts with the whole experiance…at the momnet its shit service for a drink and food, anal stewards and security and crap football…..if it wasn’e for loyalty this club would be bust.

    On a final point….we all need to remember the cash Nigel D has put into this club, without it we would be worse off if not gone so calls for him to go are daft because if he did go so would Forest, the Mark A point has some merit….I don’t think he understands the fans or how it works…..Calderwood: I so much want him to be a success as we will all enjoy this but people I know in Northampton warned me of this, (Negative, going no where football)I thought it was just a dig becuse we got their manager but Mmmm they may have been right.

  14. Will certainly renew not out of some misguided belief that to not do so would be disloyal but simply because I couldn’t risk missing us actually playing well, after all the sun shines on every dog’s ass someday!

    I would more happily renew if they promised that CC would be sacked as despite the fact that he seems a genuinely nice bloke the footaball he has presided over has been dreadful when you consider the talented assortment of players at his disposal

  15. Similiar to Crack and K.Hope, a London-dweller who moved from the Midlands years ago. I watched the match on Friday night in a very large and busy branch of a well known Australian bar chain. It was an utterly humiliating experience, not least because of the quality of football and the absolute freak show of errors on display, but because not one person in there was watching it other than me. I had to fight the bar manager to keep it on at one point, so irrelevant are we these days in the nations football psyche. I’ll keep an eye on Forests results next season, but at the moment i’m so livid and disillusioned after years of misery and wasted money, i’m deciding which Premiership club to go down next season so my lad can watch some decent football.

  16. Some very valid points made by the other contributors and you have to respect their positions.

    Loyalty really doesnt come into it as far as I’m concerned because sometimes other factors HAVE to be taken into consideration. But I’m sure if you ask any one of the guys on here who say (for what ever reason) they won’t renew, whether they are still a Forest supporter, all to a man will say yes.

    I do agree 100% the Club doesnt appear to care for its supporters and thats a disgrace. Crowds of 25,000 plus in this shite division??? Some Prem clubs would love the fan base we have and yet we, the fans, always appear to be treated like an inconvenience! A lot of work needs to be done in this area to improve the Club’s perception.

    As for me, having said all that, well if you cut me I bleed red and white, so YES I will renew. I would renew if we were in the Conference I’m afraid.

    Loyal or completely and utterly stupid……you decide!

  17. Forest are my club and in my heart and i will continue to follow them through good and bad. Any true Forest fans will agree, following a club through the bad times only make the good times that much sweeter!

  18. Well, for starters I don’t actually have a season ticket to renew. Unfortunately I work for Peterborough United and the majority of their home matches will be on the same day as Forest’s. So would I, if I didn’t? Probably. Having said that, I will wholeheartedly endorse any attempts to get Mark Arthur out of our club. It’s alright criticising CC and ND, but as far as I can see neither of them has done as much bad to this club as MA and he should be the first one out.

  19. I will definately be renewing. Despite frightning friday, iam still looking forward to next season. Iam convinced Calderwood will get it right. There will be a few new players and dirty Leeds in our league.

    What else would i do on a saturday afternoon?

  20. I will still keep travelling up from London for every match, I don’t want to, but I can’t bring myself not to. One day, and it may not come for years, we will be able to look back at this and say ”we stuck with it”.

    In terms of going forward, I all out of ideas of how to solve the club’s problems. We have tried different types of managers and nothing has worked. I like ND and am grateful for his involvement, but I don’t think he knows much about football and I don’t see that MA has brought anything positive to the club during his time here. I would not be unhappy if Calderwood left, but I really don’t see the point. Any new manager would want at least a season, we would have upheaval again and we probably won’t get promotion at the end of it. I think that we should see if Calderwood can learn from his mistakes this season (although the Forest manager’s job shouldn’t be the place for a manager to be still learning his trade) and see if a front line of Tyson and Aggogo can finally get us out of the division. If, however, we do struggle in the first couple months, then for me the only option is to give the job to Charlie McParland, as it was under his joint stewardship that we actually played attractive, attacking and winning football for the first time in years. He proved that when the players aren’t restricted by a negative strategy, they can go out and perform like every one wants and expects them to.

    As a little thought, who would take Neil Warnock? He’s looking for a job!

  21. Yes of course I will renew my season ticket.

    Let’s be honest about this – in terms of drama, Friday night was one of the most incredible matches any of us have ever seen and well worth £20. Okay, we feel pig sick about it now but are you all telling me that support for our club is conditional – that you will only go if we are winning?

    The football is crap, the team is crap, the chairman is crap, the chief executive is worse than crap and the manager… only a slight improvement on Megson.

    I would love the Chairman to acknowledge the club’s huge mistakes under his tenure. I would love for him to make a ‘gesture’ with the season tickets. But he isn’t going to do that so forget about it.

    As supporters we do feel let down by Doughty and Arthur as they have made so many mistakes in public relations over their tenure. I do believe it is now time for Mark Arthur to fall on his sword as his incompetence is damaging any support we may have left for the Chairman and Manager.

    Most of all, I want to see Calderwood acknowledge his mistakes. The thing that cost us promotion this season was his cautious approach. Friday night highlighted this dramatically but we have seen it cost us points throughout the season. With the players we have (or should I now say had) we should have been playing attacking football, not trying desperately to hang on to what he had at the end of games.

    Yeovil won on Friday because they came to attack. Okay they had nothing to lose after the first leg but play off football consistently favours the brave. It is therefore no coincidence that Calderwood’s play off record is dire.

    I hope Calderwood learns that a negative approach will get him nowhere. I hope he now stops the crap mind games because the supporters will now see right through it. I hope he finds some real pace for our team because we are so one paced across the pitch that we will find ourselves in the same position next season if we don’t. That means finding two speedy full backs, and at least one flyer down the flanks. Also, can we please find a team that is comfortable on the ball!!

    We need to keep Tyson, Agogo and Lester if we can (although I thought Jack had a stinker on Friday and that may cost him). There were also signs on Friday that maybe, just maybe, Scott Dobie could be an important player next season.

    Most of all, we need to remove the team of the journeymen and look for young hungry players on the way up – not those on the way down. Time for David Pleat to earn his corn!

    However, most importantly it is time for the boo boys to bugger off for good. If you ain’t happy, don’t come – we won’t miss you. To be quite honest, crowds of 15000 positive supporters who get behind the team will give off more atmosphere than the current grumbling 20000. This isn’t a go at those of you who are weighing up whether to come because you aren’t sure your season ticket is value for money – that is a different argument altogether. My gripe is with those supporters who seemingly enjoy getting on the backs of the players match after match (those of you who had a go at Paul Smith look a bit silly now eh?).

    This team IS now officially the worst in our history and as supporters we need to realise this. Next season’s team is in all probability going to be even worse – that is not to say it will not get promotion (although as each year goes by it gets less and less likely) – but let’s be honest about this, we probably only have 3 or 4 of the current team who are good enough for the Championship and we will certainly lose at least one of those this summer (see you Kris).

    As supporters, lower your expectations, enjoy each match for what it is (a First Division football match between First Division players and two First Division Clubs) and you may be pleasantly surprised. You never know, we may even beat Walsall!

    Enjoy your summer!!

  22. Will wait to see if there are changes in the team before I renew. If this team couldn’t make it to the championship over the last two years they are not going to do it next year. We need players with pace and passion for football, the rest will follow.
    As for the price of season tickets well I don’t mind paying an increase if I got water in the toilets and my seat washed down during the summer (had to use paper towels to wash off cobwebs last year) they were so bad in Trent End that stewards were warning people before they sat down!!

  23. I am thinking if the club does not get bums on seats it will not help the situation,the club needs support,financial as well as moral,i just wish the players had as much passion as the fans.My advice would be to keep going,show some solidarity and hope the prices do not go up,i know one thing is for sure if there is an increase it wont be going on new players,dont be silly!

  24. Unless there are some major changes soon, i certainly will not be renewing next season.
    I’m not disappointed we nearly made it, but extremely angry about this whole season.
    I cannot remember 1 league match this season where i have left happy, it’s not just the results. I want to see entertaining and passionate football.

    There is way more to life than Forest.
    I will be learning to ski and then off to Colorado to see a football team which is run properly. The Denver Broncos.

  25. in all fairness there isnt another team id support or want to support, never a dull moment down at the city ground!! We have had the highs and the lows, mainly lows but its time to start being optimistic. Calderwood knows who wants to play for this club and who doesnt, id rarther see felix play on the left all season than fatty inconsistant commons. We have a good keeper, good left back with passion in julian bennett, one good center back in wes, midfield with clingan, perch, mcgugan and strikers in agogo, tyson,holt and dobie next season. Its not all doom and gloom, some improvement in areas and we will have a good squad for sure. There is no point feeling sorry for ourselfs, i know we all expected this to happen anyway! id rarther be sat in the city ground being optimistic about the future than watching the likes of crewe and chesterfield week in week out.

  26. Lets look at this logically. If we do not renew our season tickets then Doughty will need to either sell commodity or invest capital. I’m convinced he will no longer do the later therefore it seems that as supporters of this club we have more clout that they could every think of.
    Why not then, Allow supporters of this club to instigate a 50% buyout? Doughty, although i like him, has to allow a share of the club to be ran by supporters as I feel the chairman and the club have lost all respect from that fans. This club has terrible relations with its supporters because we feel lied to and on the whole treated as scum. The revenue created by this deal will free up a little capital required to invest on decent fucking midfield for a start. We need to get rid of consistent under performers including Mark Arthurs

  27. I am with Barrow Red – although it would hurt the club financially if some of the moaners did not renew, it might help the players and staff – I think a positive atmosphere is vital if you want your team to win matches.

    As for the season ticket, I do not hold one because I work “unsociable” hours for about three months of the season – as season ticket prices have increased, it has become uneconomic for me to even think about it, as it would still work out cheaper for me to pay for a number of tickets on matchday than it would to buy a season ticket and miss some matches.

    If the prices come down, I could reconsider.

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  29. Il renew if mark arthur goes !!!!!

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