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Firstly, you might have noticed a new banner atop the site – thanks to Peter Collison for letting me pinch the very same picture he uses on his site, arf! The thinking behind it is a couple of things, firstly, I wanted to remove any images of players – the last banner had Kris Commons (admittedly beheaded) on the right hand side, the black armband he was wearing meant he was often mistaken for Breckin! I tried to think of what made me proud of being a Forest fan, and thus chose to feature only fans in the picture, and the ground.

I was half tempted to go back down a historical route that I’ve done before, but I also wanted the banner to be at least an implication of some positivity about the future. Whilst I don’t have a massive amount of faith in this being true necessarily, I have decided since I know I’ll buy my season ticket in the vain hope my cynicism is misplaced, I might as well carry on this venture too – I did so originally with a delirious hope that I was to witness the dawning of a new era, how ironic that instead I’ve spent a season documenting the dawning of our worst ever era of football! I suppose that in itself has proven interesting, albeit in a macabre sense.

So this post is designed to herald a fresh start and and a look to the future – be it positive or negative – for Through the seasons before us, apologies in advance to those who clicked from news feeds and find nothing but self-indulgence (I did try to make it clear from the headline), but I have no control about which stories are and aren’t syndicated elsewhere. For those of you who’ve regularly commented and emailed throughout the season, my heartfelt thanks – it’s been an interesting time, hopefully together we can look forward to commenting on better times ahead.

Oh yes, and with the overwhelming total of 35 signatures, I’ve made the executive decision that ‘the Wednesday night campaign’ appears to have insufficient support to really prove likely to yield any fruit!  Whilst a limited number of us seem to feel fairly strongly about it, it would seem that the passive majority don’t really see much difference between a Wednesday or Tuesday night game – I’ll leave the petition online, but I can’t see a sudden upsurge in interest somehow!

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  1. Good man nffc. Glad you are keeping the faith – both in your season ticket renewal and in keeping this blog going.

    This blog is, in my humble opinion, very worthwhile reading as it touches (and is touched by) the very soul of our football club – the supporters.

    Always a good read, whether you agree with the opinions expressed or not.

  2. I am so pleased you will continue to air your opinions and maintain a true fan’s perspective. 9 times out of 10 you represent my views, You keep a reality check on rumours and keep exiles like myself in touch with the stuff going on at the City Ground.
    My son and I are still gutted, still in pain, still being laughed at but still FOREST TILL WE DIE ! Season tickets NO, but regulars Oh Yes !

  3. Keep up the good work – having a decent, rational site is a breathe of fresh air.

    @ norwich-tricky – glad to see I’m not the only one stuck out here in Norwich :o)

  4. I was suprised at work today. No mocking like I expected, just condolences. Many people have commented positively on how the Forest fans after the game applauded the Yeovil team off.
    I think if the team havent exactly raised the clubs stock, the (vast majority of) the fans have so basically yeah, I agree with you ‘freshening up’
    Keep the faith NFFC.
    Just one question though, is the Smoulderwood tag still gonna stick or do you find him less the ‘enticing school teacher’ and more the fake, spin doctoring front of the directors?

  5. I reckon I’ll stick with it – although I spotted a piece on Georgina Turners blog that suggested perhaps her initial infatuation with ol’ Smoulders has perhaps burned out.

    I like the nickname because it’s childish, and it amuses me when I see other people using it occasionally on forums etc 🙂

  6. This Peter Collison fella sounds like an awfully generous chap! As well as a talented photographer!! 😉

    A pleasure to help you out mate, your blog is always worth a read. 🙂

  7. Looks like you’ve had the decorators in. Well done, keep up the good work.

    I’m still seething at those useless bastards though.

  8. How many visits does this site get each week?

    And do you know how many comments it has had this season?

  9. Ello mate.. the weekly visits are massively variable, but it averages out to about 4300 visits per week.

    There have been 2011 comments (including my own) spread around 473 stories I’ve posted.

  10. Superb.

  11. Measured, informed opinion that reflect my views and for me the best Forest website on the net. This blog has become my first port of call and is the one Forest thing that has flourished this season, like a rose growing out of the butt crack of Satan that is our club.

    Keep it going.

  12. You know that my thoughts are with you nffc, since you have been so great in dealing with my overseas ignorance and my (unbearable at times since not founded anywhere) enthusiasm and optimism. Well, I’m sorry I can’t post you on whether I would renew my season ticket or not :), but personally I’m so pissed I won’t get satellite TV (which shows Championship games every week) and even more that my favourite Jack Lester has just been shown the door. I think Jack has been more loyal to the club than a lot of those who will eventually stay; I find his release a sort of ingratitude, especially after a good season for him, and I would love you to start a topic on it – I think a good number of Forest fans will be on my side. As for David Prutton, I am with you. Two yellow cards in 38 mins and getting sent off in injury time in such a crucial game? Bugger off Davey, and never come back – I didn’t like the way you left back then in the first place.

  13. Again – my first choice site, in fact the only site I look at – too many adverts and popups on the others for my liking. Keep up the good work NFFC.

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