A few bits and pieces about the site..

Firstly, you might have noticed a new banner atop the site – thanks to Peter Collison for letting me pinch the very same picture he uses on his site, arf! The thinking behind it is a couple of things, firstly, I wanted to remove any images of players – the last banner had Kris Commons (admittedly beheaded) on the right hand side, the black armband he was wearing meant he was often mistaken for Breckin! I tried to think of what made me proud of being a Forest fan, and thus chose to feature only fans in the picture, and the ground.

I was half tempted to go back down a historical route that I’ve done before, but I also wanted the banner to be at least an implication of some positivity about the future. Whilst I don’t have a massive amount of faith in this being true necessarily, I have decided since I know I’ll buy my season ticket in the vain hope my cynicism is misplaced, I might as well carry on this venture too – I did so originally with a delirious hope that I was to witness the dawning of a new era, how ironic that instead I’ve spent a season documenting the dawning of our worst ever era of football! I suppose that in itself has proven interesting, albeit in a macabre sense.

So this post is designed to herald a fresh start and and a look to the future – be it positive or negative – for Through the seasons before us, apologies in advance to those who clicked from news feeds and find nothing but self-indulgence (I did try to make it clear from the headline), but I have no control about which stories are and aren’t syndicated elsewhere. For those of you who’ve regularly commented and emailed throughout the season, my heartfelt thanks – it’s been an interesting time, hopefully together we can look forward to commenting on better times ahead.

Oh yes, and with the overwhelming total of 35 signatures, I’ve made the executive decision that ‘the Wednesday night campaign’ appears to have insufficient support to really prove likely to yield any fruit!  Whilst a limited number of us seem to feel fairly strongly about it, it would seem that the passive majority don’t really see much difference between a Wednesday or Tuesday night game – I’ll leave the petition online, but I can’t see a sudden upsurge in interest somehow!

Season ticket prices under review..

According to this interview he graciously gave to BBC Radio Nottingham to offer his comments about his part in leading Nottingham Forest to the worst period in their history.  Not, of course, that he offers any insight into his part in it, rather just more platitudes and infuriatingly insincere sounding ‘insights’ into how he shares the grief of us supporters.

I realise I’m rather making my stance on him obvious in my choice of words, but I’m still rather riled having just finished listening to their Matchtalk programme – which was obviously centred around Forest given Notts and Mansfield’s more conventional finish to the season a while back.  Whilst I’m aware that fans compelled to phone in are not necessarily representative – there sounded a fair proportion ready to throw in the towel of season-ticket-dom, many after several decades of owning one.

His comments were predictably evasive, and David Jackson – hosting the programme – I thought jumped to perhaps a rather fanciful conclusion that ‘reading between the lines’ there was an implication that prices could come down.  What was actually said was the club’s finances are under review given we now know our fate for next season, there was talk of a need to increase funds for players (again!), and that when the spreadsheets had been crunched the plan for season ticket prices would be released.

This is what riles me – this work could have been done months ago, with contingencies depending on whether we were promoted (either automatically or via the playoffs), or whether we’d failed.  It seems almost every club under the sun releases their prices for the following season so much earlier than us – Derby released theirs regardless of the division they ended up in – would it be so hard for the powers that be at Forest to get their fingers out their arses and let us know what they expect us to stump up for the following season?

I’m still not expecting a reduction in prices, indeed, if I were predicting then I would imagine a big PR attempt will be made of the supreme generosity of then holding last seasons prices (which, let’s remember, were significantly increased from the year before, prior to that our Championship prices were frozen in a show of benevolence for a division lower.  I suppose I could quietly hope that upon picking up on sentiments such as these and those scattered across the Forest forums, the club will take note and do the decent thing and reduce the prices.

Simple question – will you renew?

Okay folks, necks on the block line – I’m interested in gauging the state of play amongst season ticket holders at the moment.  If there was no change to the current management personnel (either Smoulds or at Arthur/Doughty’s level) are you planning on renewing your season ticket?  I’m going to be kind – assume there is no price increase (although I fear there will be), but no reduction either.

I will be renewing mine, reluctantly, because frankly I can’t imagine not going down to watch Forest whenever possible, even after yet another dreadful season of dross.  I’d love to gather your comments, if you have made a decision not to renew, then let me know what it would take for you to reconsider (realistically), and what factors have finally ‘broken’ you – you never know, the club might be reading, if there are enough responses I’ll send them to the club anyway.

My biggest problem with the club at the moment is the practically non-existant relationship that seems to exist between them and the fans.  To them we seem walking wallets who are an inconvenience on matchdays (judging by how their ‘security’ staff behave toward us).  It certainly is time they understood our issues with them, although you would hope that years of disappointment might have made them do so before now..