Psycho for manager – surely tabloid bollocks?..

Both the Mirror and News of the World ran claims that Forest were ready to approach Stuart Pearce to become Forest manager, despite overlooking him previously.  Given that Doughty has already publically backed Smoulders (I know, I know, the dreaded ‘vote of confidence’ and all that), and Pearce is currently still managing the England U21 team, I think this seems somewhat a flight of fancy.

That said, if you wanted a conspiracy theory you could probably find one, given that there are a lot of disgruntled fans out there, some of whom questioning the decision to renew their season ticket or not, what a way to appease them!  I think if Pearce were unveiled at the club you could add a significant number to season ticket renewals – even if the club (and they probably will) enter another public relations gaffe and put the prices up again.

As for what I think, well, I’m not that convinced by Pearce as a manager.  It’s true that at Manchester City he was in the Premiership circus, which is very different to this level – but nonetheless, the complaints that the City fans would have were that he was over defensive with no apparent knowledge or willingness to attack teams.  Hmm.  Sound familiar?  Wouldn’t it be horrible for him to come here and fail?

I’m pretty confident this story has no legs anyway – Pearce has claimed to have applied for the vacant job at Forest before, and not even had acknowledgement from the board.  Doughty denied he’d ever even applied.  Now I know who I believe, but that means either one of two things, Pearce applied and was discounted straight away given his relationship with the fans would undermine the board, or, Pearce didn’t actually apply for the job at all, but says he did infront of Forest fans because he knows “it’s what we want to hear.”

I of course don’t think that Pearce is that devious or dishonest, as much as I don’t think he’ll ever be the manager of Nottingham Forest.  It would, I admit, certainly be interesting if I turned out to be wrong!