The day the Forest died…

Nottingham Forest – 2 (4)
Yeovil Town – 5 (5)
(After extra time)

I’ll start with the pleasantries.  Congratulations to Yeovil Town, who thoroughly deserved to progress, arguably given their better performances in both legs – but certainly on tonight’s showing.   They now go on to a date with Wembley with either Blackpool and Oldham, and frankly, I hope they win it.

Now onto the less savoury things.  I’m not going to dwell too much on a match report – there’s just no fucking way I want to relive it any more than I already am doing in my head.  Whilst I felt we should progress, I certainly wasn’t taking it for granted, but even my pessimistic self couldn’t foresee the absolute horror show that was to be played out at the City Ground this evening.  Rather than pick through the bones I’ll pick out a few random thoughts replaying painfully in my head.

Firstly, we knew the first goal in the game was vital – so why the excellent Arron Davies was given the freedom of the pitch to cut inside and pick his spot is beyond me.  We should have been familiar with him, he caused us problems at their place a week ago too.  Given his continued influence throughout the game why on Earth was he provided so much space.  I would have had a man marker on him straight after that first goal.

Whilst I’m angry at Forest – I’m man enough to give credit to Yeovil, who did exactly as they said they would and went for it.  They’re a decent, hardworking and eager side with no small amount of skill and movement to go with it.  They made us look like the lumbering carthorses that I’m starting to think is all we consist of.

Paul Smith let in five goals tonight, yet he had a great game.  It could have been over long before extra time had become an issue had it not been for the keeper – he did excellently in the away leg too.  You know something has gone very badly wrong when your keeper lets in that many goals despite performing well.

The substitution.  We all know Smoulds is defensive, indeed, as soon as the equaliser went in from Dobie I had joked that it was time to bring on Wes for Jack.  It did take a bit longer than that, but – finally – the defence was looking settled and were containing Yeovil reasonably well – it’s true we had conceded again, but it was a very unlucky goal (having said that, you could argue the Yeovil player who hit the post initially was unlucky not to find the net).

I think Smoulds made a grave error on disrupting the defence  – and I’m not just talking about Wes’s awful backpass – he moved Chambers who was playing well.  You should never disrupt a defence like that, and it cost us.  Not least because, with Prutton sent off and Alan Wright clearly unfit to continue, we effectively ended the game with nine men despite Wrighty manfully attempting to soldier on despite not being much use to anyone.

David Prutton.  Oh dear David.  Some fans were worrying you wouldn’t be here next season – well good riddance after that pathetic showing.  I don’t think I counted a single pass to a red shirt, and frankly it was obvious to everyone he’d end up taking an early bath.  I seem to remember reading in the Post that he’d learned to contain “the red mist” that isn’t exactly a new phenomenon to us from him – clearly he hasn’t.

Graham Poll.  I don’t think any of his series of baffling decisions really changed the course of the game, which I suppose in the circumstances is a shame from our point of view, but he certainly didn’t do much to cast aside the general opinion that he’s an incompetent idiot of the highest order – I hope we never have the displeasure of him officiating any of our fixtures ever again.

The worst thing of all, though, was hearing Nigel Doughty after the game bemoaning the inability to attract players of a sufficient quality to a club in League One.  I’m sorry, Nige, but that’s bollocks – on today’s showing at least half the Yeovil side would’ve improved our side.  There is plenty of sufficient quality out there who would play at this level for Forest.  He makes a reasonable point about the injuries we’ve had – but we’ve also had opportunities to strengthen our squad that we’ve not taken.

I’m seething, frankly.  I realise I’m not in the most rational frame of mind right now, but frankly after that pathetic capitulation I wouldn’t be sorry to see any of the current playing or management team bugger off over the summer, I’m not churlish enough to start listing them, and I fully realise that when I’ve calmed down in a month or two I will probably revise my stance somewhat.

I expect to see Smoulds back next season,  and given the situations with contracts of certain players, he will inevitably make significant changes to the squad – on balance, a top four finish with a squad depleted by a few key injuries perhaps might appease the boardroom, but it’s not the not going up that riles us (well, it does a bit), it’s the fact we failed to do so by playing so spectacularly badly, with so little responsibility, passion or basic skill.

There’s a whole job of rebuilding to be done to this club – there’s no point in calling for the chairman or the manager’s head, as they’ll still be here next season – but, this club is now officially at the lowest point of our proud 142 year history – somebody (somebodies) are responsible for that, and it’s time they stood up and admitted it and worked honestly to start to rebuild this empty shell of a football club.

Plenty of people on the way out spoke of not renewing next season, and I believe plenty won’t – if Forest have the audacity to put their already high prices up again there will be more who abandon their season ticket and start to pick and choose games.  There are a lot of hurting supporters out there, and Forest, you really need to be aware of that and tread very carefully when you send out those renewal packs whenever you get your fingers out of your arses and do so.

And so we never really needed to worry about when Wembley tickets go on sale – the jubilant Yeovil fans will even now be contemplating that on their way home back to Somerset.  I’ll try to end with some degree of positivity in that I hope they enjoy the trip and get a result, because whilst I’m pushing that little ex-Sheepshagging bastard up front for them to the back of my mind, they impressed me with the manner of their triumph over us, just as Forest infuriated me.


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  1. Summed it up quite well mate, I have never felt so gutted about a defeat, can’t complain with the result but it is just the manner in which we play and also the feeling that we are now at our lowest ebb ever.

    I will not be going down Forest again until I see mass improvement from top to bottom and play football with a swagger, like Yeovil, Bristol, Blackpool and Scunthorpe do.

    Surely it can’t be hard to attract these sort of players to our club. Trouble is we think we are bigger than we are and at the present moment we are not a appealing club to new players.

    Lets lower our ambitions a bit a get players from the lower leagues who are hungry to prove themself in the game. Lets not make stupid buys like Prutton again, big time charlies living off past names.

    This is the only way this club will move forward again.

    Pissed off reds fan

  2. Well wriitten spot on…!!

  3. Well said!!! We technically have better players,but they have a better manager who can motivate his players to perform like they did.Bring Slade to forest if they dont go up PLEASE!!!!!!!!!

  4. Hmmm….. I went tonight with my son, we have both been going to the home games for most of the season and tonight we expected something different, we didnt get it ! The usual inability to close players down, poor passing and what my son said “they dont look very fit dad! You summed it up nicely hear mate, we feel the same. To the board, players and management – you need to do some serious thinking now – you have let the fans down and we are very very fed up !

  5. First of all, I’d like to say that i am as angry as you NFFC, but I feel as though I need to add something to balance this post out. I’d likle to give credit to the majority of the Forest players who battled on manfully in extra time, even scoring an equaliser, despite being down to ten men. I’d like to give praise to Alan Wright, for attempting to battle on, even though he could effectively have finished his own career by making that injury worse. If the rest of the team had shown that same fighting spirit during the 90 minutes, it wouldn’t even have gone to extra-time.

  6. Calderwood has to go. Next year with him will not be any different. I believe any other first division manager would have got us up. Many things happend last night. Too many to cover really but you cannot get away from the fact his decisions were very poor. If we had got to pen we would not have been able to pick five takers from midfielder and strikers !!!. Too many times he makes defensive decisions which then put us under too much presure. He gives the other teams confidence to attack us!! He HAS to go

  7. GUTTED – too numb to add anything else of any worthwhile content presently.

  8. Gutted at the way we threw it away. Nicely written piece, in more so in the circumstances. 😦

  9. so sad, so sad…. I writing from Sweden, and I have just read the “matchrapport”.
    I think this is very painful and boring. We have the coach who don´t wants to take the chance…… He has to go, he has to go….

  10. strange, we have the club, we have probably the most loyal and consistent support in the nation and yet we unable to put a performance in the warrants anything like a hearty credible effort on such an important day for the fans. You have ask major questions on the motivation of this set of players. I for one will not be going next season, more out of support for our fans rather than that shower of shit that claim to represent Nottingham Forest, the proudest name in European Footaball

  11. I am not one to call for the head of a manager in the wake of such an emotional evening but the recent events at Man city are making me long for a manager with passion and fight and the spirit to drive on a squad undoubtedly littered with talent but lacking in a will to win. I know the club has lacked stability and chopping and changing managers will not help but I want Pearce back at the city ground! I love him more than another grown man should.

  12. lets be honest we have not played well most of the season, i can only pick out the charlton game that was decent. Mistakes have cost us dear and especially the decision to ship southall off with no replacement. At least we get to go to a ground bigger than ours next season when we visit Leeds

  13. I agree with Jay. last night was painful, but we were 7 points clear before Christmas. We threw the automatic promotion away when we showed no bite or commitment in Jan and feb. Last night’s capitulation was just along similar lines.

    Those of you who won’t get season tickets next year: you will, you know. Come mid-July you won’t be able to help yourselves. You will just HAVE to find out if we can posibly be as awful next year as this. Without Prutton, Commons and Holt, and maybe with a few men with fire in their bellies playing for pride, maybe we can do better next year. We just have to find out, don’t we?

    Nigel Doughty: for the sake of your reputation, get Psycho back as manager, and watch the pounds come rolling through the turnstiles. Now’s your chance. If you think I’m deluded, well so are you if you think that Calderwood’s negative tactics are going to win us anything. Are Scunthorpe negative? Man Utd? Sunderland? Yeovil? There’s more money to be had in the Championship, you know, so if you get us there, you’ll have more of the shiny stuff to play with. Think about it, there’s a good chap.

  14. I think that game summed up the season. A fair advantaged thrown away right at the end.

    I’m emotionally drained after that

  15. Calderwood should have concentrated on his own team and not us!! bottlers!!

  16. I had a feeling you would be playing Leeds instead of us next season.

    Best wishes from all of us here in Bristol.

  17. Nah, Forest should keep Calderwood – he’s quality

    Just like Leeds, Forest are another footballing joke for us all to enjoy 🙂

  18. I bet they both think they’re going to get promoted next season…….should be a doddle for two BIG teams who once played in Europe.

  19. Good luck next season Forest. You now know how we felt when Wilson fucked it up for us. Get rid of Calderwood, and you’ll go up. his mind games didnt work on us, or Yeovil

  20. […] The day the Forest died… [image]Nottingham Forest – 2 (4) Yeovil Town – 5 (5) (After extra time) I’ll start with the pleasantries.  […] […]

  21. Ah, we have reached the Brizzle radar 😆

    Cheers for your good wishes, lads (sic) – I’d have thought given your experiences you’d have a bit more class, but never mind!

  22. Unlucky lads. Hurts like hell and you have my sympathies.

    Until Calderwood wakes up to reality and realises that playing like a big team in a small pond doesn’t work, you’ll be consigned to the fate that we had for 9 years.

    We spent loads and had players that could (and did) play in the leagues above. That doesn’t work in Div 2 – you need hard working grafters who play like a team more than big time charlies who only put in the effort occasionally.

    Best of luck next year – Calderwood deserves this fate – your fans don’t.

  23. Gutted is one word. Pissed off and fuming are others. What a bunch of letdowns we support. I now hope to have seen the last of many of these jokers. That is a suitably scathing report. Fair play to you and well said.

  24. You have my sympathies guys, I know how much it hurts. I was cheering Yeovil on Friday because of your pig headed arsehole of a manager, not because I dislike Forest. From that point of view CC got all that was coming to him, if you’re going to do the whole paper talk thing you have to back it up on the pitch, and unfortunatley he wasn’t able to do that. Good luck for next year, I think you’ll do it if you ditch the gaffer and bring in someone with some class who can restore the discipline. I think the difference is no one in a red shirt looked like they wanted it bad enough, and Yeovil did, and I think CC has to take a lot of the blame for that.

  25. In the years that Bristol City missed the boat to Championship level, we had to take grief from QPR, Plymouth, Cardiff, Stoke and others who sailed past us into the next division.

    It has been a b*oody painful eight years!!

    Understand why we gloat and accept that Forest fans would have done the same if your team had made it to 1st or 2nd place.

    We took 40,000 to Cardiff and our team didn’t show up. That was a bad day.

  26. I understand completely, indeed, I imagine a fair chunk of our fans would’ve been fairly crass had the situation been reversed. I don’t think I’d have been too unkind – but well, if we’re just scraping our arses into the Championship in 5 years time then maybe I will be! 😆

    It is perhaps a small mercy that we didn’t end up going to Wembley for a right royal spanking courtesy of Blackpool.

  27. Basically i think the game summed up the season,pure inconsistent 100%.An example earlier in season,beating orient 4-1 then a couple of days later losing 1-0 to doncaster,also losing to Brighton this season boggled me further.I just cannot understand them,its like we turn up one day and not the next.Any thoughts on this?

  28. BCFC fan here. Not really to gloat, but to back up the more sensible comments. Calderwood is the reason we were all praying for Yeovil, he said too many stupid things and that got us wound up. His tactics, and you lot know better than me, were too negative. You have a few very high quality players, but you did not use them. However, your big issues are not too different to ours pre Gary J. You have too many big time Charlies, I mean 5 grand a week for Scott Dobie… You will need to clear out the ones taking the money and going through the motions, and get some team fight back.

    Forest are a team that many at BCFC identify with, and years ago dreamed we too could follow your lead. You have a great stadium, great fans, and stunning history. But it all counts for nothing until the players want it. I think you need a new manager, you will all want Pearce, but that is sentimental stuff. Someone with more experience because you need to shift out a load of players and get a team.

    Good luck, I mean what a Div 3 with you lot and Leeds… Mad, but you will be up next season, no doubts.

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