Another flukey win for us at Huish Park!

Yeovil Town – 0
Nottingham Forest – 2

The title was meant to sound a bit like the Phil Collins horror-fest ‘Another day for you and me in paradise’… because really yesterday’s game was a bizarre festival of horror – yet obviously we all find ourselves strangely pleased about it anyway.  Isn’t football a very strange thing indeed?

If we do manage to do the business over both legs, then I imagine Yeovil fans will be wanting us to get ourselves promoted so we don’t have to visit them any time soon, since when we have this season it’s been very much a case of smash-and-grab and thanks very much for the win – and friday evening’s playoff first leg was no different at all.

I’ve just about recovered from the mother of all hangovers now, and I’m still amazed that we had two shots on goal all game – both from the penalty spot – and won 2-0.  Crazy. And yet I can’t dispute either penalty decision, and Smith only really had one decent save to make – everything else was hit straight at him – it’s very reminiscent of our trip in the league there.

The fug of alcohol clouds my memory of the game, but I do recall a dogged and workmanlike performance from the Reds, with very little end product (oh, how familiar!), whereas the home side were seemingly teeming forward at will, often with equal numbers attacking our defenders.  Fortunately, as I noted above, Smithy was equal to everything they threw at him, aside from an unlucky header off the post.

Perchy won the first penalty, which was taken by Commons very confidently, the second was won by Lester right at the end, and was buried by Perchy.  Bless him.  We got to see just how close to the bottom of the barrell we are when the likes of Spencer Weir-Daley and Julian Bennett return to the fore in the form of substitutes.

All in all, how can you be anything other than delighted at the win?  In a situation like the playoffs, performances really don’t matter a jot if you get the result – and that’s certainly what Forest did.  Defensively we looked mostly solid, but there was such a lack of midfield or attacking creativity that they certainly had to be on their toes.

Once again I feel slightly sorry for Yeovil – not in a patronising way – but if there were any justice then they were good for at least a draw or a win in my opinion.  Let’s make sure we retain our composure for the home leg next week, and book that trip to the ‘triumphant arch’ (it’s just not the same as the Twin Towers is it?) to face Oldham or Blackpool*

* I do admit to a spot of Wembley-mentioning there, which I did say I wouldn’t do. 


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  1. I thought we were better than you’ve given credit for there.

    I certainly feel we matched them in the first half; Commons went through only to be denied by a fantastic last ditch tackle, McGugan had a shot go just over, Dobie was nearly through and fell over, the penalty, a few dangerous looking crosses. Fair enough they pushed us back in the second half, but considering we had a pretty makeshift side out I thought we looked relatively comfortable.

    Also, I thought Lewis was the best player on the park in the 1st half. He worked hard, used the ball intelligently and went on some fantastic dribbles.


  2. Well what can you say..anything to get out of this league counts. Poor Yeovil though, harsh lesson for them. Sack CC is we loose the next leg!

  3. Too be honest I thought in the first half they played some decent stuff, I thought if they stepped up another gaer then they could have had two or three breaking through the middle.

    It’s about time us Forest fans got something to shout about, couldn’t care less how Yeovil played, don’t put the chances away then you are bound to get punished. The play leading upto the penalties was good attacking football and we wuld probably have scored from one of the chances at least.

    All is looking good for a return to Wembley….. lets hope they can win that game too.

    If they blow it now then serious questions would need answering.

  4. Having listened to the entire match on internet radio (thank God for play-offs, no “rights” matter anymore and it’s free to overseas listeners too), I will have to agree with FedUpRed. In a big part of the first half, but also in the first 15 minutes of the second, it sounded like Forest was entering the Glovers’ box at will. I remember a time in the beginning of the second when Yeovil could just not get the ball to cross the halfway line and we were always in their half of the pitch – the best they could do was send the ball out of bounds for a Forest throw-in. OK, after that they came storming to our box with Stewart hitting the post and everything, but hey, they were at home and down 1-0, what were they supposed to do? As soon as we overcame that difficult 70′-80′ stage with the three Forest bookings, I thought they were frustrated enough to give away another penalty – and not moan about it this time. Anyway, like nffc said, in the play-offs what matters is results. We were not worse than Sheff Utd in 2003 (especially at home, and no one can say what would happen in the second leg if Daws was not sent off), but they were the ones to advance to Cardiff (and get thumped by Wolves). So I’ll take it, thank you very much, although I don’t know why, I have a sympathy for Yeovil too, they are a very likeable, hard-working side. Now let’s get the job finished. U REDS!

  5. Its a results business lads…. and we got a result!

    How many times this season have we been the better team and not our just rewards – more than I care to think about.

    2-0 in a away leg with the home leg to come is the business as far as I’m concerned. No room for sentimentality – lets push onwards towards Wembley and finish what we we started!


  6. Again I think credit where its due…..we won 2 nil, good passing football and the end result…how many times have we seen good football and lost…..I remember some great football under Hart but no end result.

    Putting this aside I do worry if we end up with a Forest v Blackpool Final as we will have to be far more aggresive than Friday.

    This will be the Test for CC to see if he can drop the reserved game plan and go for it, another season in this division will be hard to take…

    Come on you REDS………

  7. Lets face it Yeovil showed enough for all of us to say 2-0 was pretty lucky but saying that I dont really see how you can say Forest were devoid of creative ability going forward. We won two penalties with arguably our three first choice front men injured and a striker that has had more injury problems that DJ!

    I would also point some praise towards Colin for his tactical ability in the second half. Dont get me wrong it would have been far better that Yeovil hadnt got themselves on top but they did. CC put big Wes on to add some defensive bite and and take the sting out of Yeovils momentum. When Forest had done this and got their foot on the ball again CC then switched to more attacking formation again by bringing on a second striker which ultimately resulted in us winning the second penalty.

    He has had some stick at times in year which no doubtedly he has deserved on occassions but in this instance I thought it was well worked.

    Stand up if your going up!!!!!

  8. I watched the game in a pub in London and couldn’t hear the commentry. I know that Holt was injured, but can someone please tell me where Prutton was?

  9. Must agree with most of the posts here.

    I thought Forest were the better team in the first half (Yeovil had one really good chance) and Commons & McGugan looked the best players on the pitch. Yeovil then came out strong in the second half but Forest held firm and came strong again towards the end of the game. Two goals ahead probably does flatter us but flukey and lucky – no way!

    Also, credit where credits due. Gary Holt, Scott Dobie and Spencer Weir Daley all did well.

  10. Wacko Jacko, Prutts was ill and didn’t travel to Somerset, but will be OK for next Friday.

  11. Certainly not unhappy with the workrate of the performance, and certainly not the result – it just leaves me worried as a natural pessimist that we seem rather one-dimensional. It worked well against Yeovil, who must now attack us at the City Ground, but (assuming that friday goes according to plan), will that be enough against whoever we meet in the final?

  12. 0-0 Trentside?

  13. Thanks for letting me know Vassilis!

  14. […] Another flukey win for us at Huish Park! [image]Yeovil Town – 0 Nottingham Forest – 2 The title was meant to sound a bit like the Phil Collins horror-fest […] […]

  15. Could the weekend have gone any better?? Good result away from home (i would have taken a draw to be honest), and played fairly well too. Then the baggies sorted out wolves. Just a shame about de**y beating southampton. But then it got better still…as someone whose entire family (uncles, cousins, grandad and dad) support West Ham I have a soft spot for them. My perfect scenario was impossible to achieve, surely? Hammers to beat Manu and wigan to beat sheff utd. But no, it happened!!!! Blinding weekend all round! Oh, and Leeds got relegated this season you know!

  16. Phil Collins is not that bad.

  17. Martin
    bugger the next leg sack him now!!!

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