Forest-inspired music: part thirteen

Thirteen is unlucky for many reasons, and it certainly is in the case of this track. It’s by none other than Justin Fashanu. Justin of course is a sad story in football, he was largely considered a massively poor signing by the great man Brian Clough, a costly error indeed. A £1m costly error. He was the first black player to be signed for £1m or more when we bought him from Norwich, and indeed, he replaced the first player of any creed to be bought for that sum in Tricky Trev.

The lad who was brought up at Barnado’s along with his more illustrious younger brother John was to have an even more unfortunate end. After his homosexuality became knowledge of the hardly open-minded Clough, he was – in all honesty – shabbily treated and offloaded on loan to Southampton, before being sold to Notts County for £150k. He ended his days in 1998 having decided tragically to take his own life by hanging in a deserted garage in Shoreditch, London.

A sad tale – of course, personal life aside, Justin is remembered primarily as a pretty atrocious striker by Forest fans. This track, sadly, suggests that he would have fared equally badly if he’d decided to be a professional musician – the track is an attempt at a funky style, and is called Do It ‘Cos You Like It, and frankly, it’s a pretty poor epitaph for a troubled bloke, regardless of how poor a footballer he was considered to be – it ended up just making me feel a bit sad!

As such, if we are going to dredge up something he would probably rather not be remembered for – I’ve also decided to dredge up something that he will be rightly proud of – a tremendous goal he scored for Norwich City against the dirty scousers! Click here to enjoy that, and rest in peace, Justin.

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